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Seek a change of scenery. Winter is a perfect time for travel in Baja California. Or how about, cabin rentals in the Sierra Nevada mountains? Many close up for snow, annually, but others are open year round. Make reservations. The best snow mobile trailheads, hot springs or budget motel, we have it covered. From coastal camping in redwood groves, desert camping in Baja and all the Bay Area parks, we list it.

California snow play areas. Best picnic spots. Climb high desert peaks, hike slot canyons, find the best view campsites, historic inns, museums and all the local hot springs. Thanks for finding Total Escape!

Winter Ski Trips


We are still in the process of redesigning this site, to blend with the map shop and outside blog. The old site is still quite popular - CLASSIC desktop site; still active! Your patience is appreciated during this time of reconstruction.

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We're still here, thousands of pages and decades later. Way outside the city limits, beyond the county line. No wifi, no smart meters, no gaming addictions, no traffic lights, no city noise. Rural living in California still exist. Hike on the weekends, bike to work, boating mid-week, we have you covered for destinations. Find a new creekside camp spot, a waterfall, trailhead or an ancient lava cave. Total Escape - Two whole decades online. Not quite obsolete.

Craving the Wild? Minimal or no cell signal in the California mountain regions was common through the 1990's. No digital mobile cell network. Before the tweets, the constant memes and paralysis of our current, modern techno-crazed culture, DanaMite started this travel web site way back in 1996. Catchy phrases like, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) did not yet exist.

Total Escape features abundant real photos of real places. Secluded destinations, camping and lodging, examining the best back roads, side routes, the topo maps (to get you out there). Locals-only travel tips, gear reviews, festivals and events.

Juicy content specific only to California. Focusing on outdoor destinations, small towns and budget-minded travel since the beginning, we've recreated the weekend getaway - without the crowds. Escape the matrix, the city life, the traffic jams and learn how to avoid the tourist traps. Drive on past the factory outlet malls and the water slides, we've got much more to show you - out on the back roads, in the backcountry.

Wilderness in California - more nature, less people.

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