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The canyon wall so tight you may
have to turn sideways to fit through

Anza Borrego photos

Canon Sin Nombre -
Anza Borrego

Slot Canyons - South Anza Borrego State Park region, just off S-2 east of the 'badlands overlook' view point is a whole network of narrow walkways & skinny canyon trails to explore. Some are so tight you have to turn side ways to fit through. There are more than one of these sandstone topless caverns. Finding a new one each time you visit is a fun challenge. Just north in the Diablo canyon there are dry mud tunnels & trails as well. Explore & be careful not to get lost. And don't camp at the canyon openings during the threat of heavy rains...duh.
canon sin nombre

slot canyonDrive down into Canon Sin Nombre Entrance (dirt road just to the north east of Badlands Overlook).
Clock your mileage 1 miles exactly & then park. Hike over to the left side & look for an opening in the canyon walls to a deep secluded trench.

A high clearance vehicle is recommended and 4WD may be required in soft sand. 2WD SUVs/trucks should keep their speed up through the soft sandy areas & try not to turn suddenly.

deep gorges all over 50-100' high walls

sandstone cyn walks

mud cavesHike up the first canyon which does require some rock scrambling & lets you out at the very top with an impressive view.

Hike down in the main slot canyon which leads out to a clearing.

Plenty of primitive camping all around in Anza Borrego State Park.

--- This hike is a blast on a full moon night. But not for a first timers try.

Best time to visit: October - May