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outdoor toilet
Camping without a Bathroom
At the break of dawn, nature calls; Find the best Sierra views, when no one is looking. Photo Credit © Copyright Xterra Ken

toilet seatsCollapsible toilet seat can save your ass! You can find a portable potty seat like this for under $20 at a local sporting goods store.

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Human Waste: Proper disposal of human waste is very important to ensure a clean ecological environment. Avoid polluting lakes, rivers, desert washes, & fragile eco systems by following some simple back country rules. Prevent the negative impact of someone else seeing it, minimize the spreading diseases, and increase the rate of decomposition.

An old backpack or army satchel makes a convenient and useful "POTTY BAG"

primitive camping basics

Grandma might not be able to squat, so plan accordingly. Girls know this problem well. Trying to balance while squatting or finding that perfect rock for a makeshift toilet, is quite a chore. With this handy device, a collapsible toilet seat, you can relax & enjoy the view. Grab a shovel & head for the most remote spot you can find.



  • Hike out, a minimum of 200 feet, well away from any water sources, low lying stream beds, trails, or camp areas.
  • Select an untraveled area. Under a tree, near downed timber, or on a slight sloped hillsides.
  • Choose a spot for maximum sunlight - for more rapid decomposing.


  • Dig your cat hole. Meow! Bring a shovel out & dig a hole 6-8 inches deep.
    In the desert, the cat hole should be only 4-6 inches deep. This will allow the heat and sun to hasten the decay process.
  • Only bury your crap; Do not bury the toilet paper.
    Animals can dig up paper or it can appear as litter down stream after a heavy storm. Burning toilet paper is not a good idea (due to California wildfires and fire safety)
  • Use disposable wet wipes / baby wipes for proper hygiene. No butt itch!
  • Bring a small brown paper bag to carry back soiled paper and wipes.
  • Dispose of paper remains in garbage, or paper bag in campfire (perferably, after everyone has gone to bed)
REMINDERS ON POO: Solid human waste might be require to be packed out from places, such as narrow river canyons, gorges & alpine lakes. Sometimes over used areas & rock climbing locations have this restriction. Check with the local rangers on specifics. Wilderness or overnight permits may also be needed.

Leave No Trace -
Minimize human impact in the Wilderness & make this Earth a better place to be.

Burying human feces in the correct manner is the most effective method for primitive camps (camping outside of a campground).

Handy items to have:

  • shovel
  • small paper bag
  • toilet paper
  • baby wipes
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