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Small but popular State Park in the Gold Rush Country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Large Sequoia redwood trees, Visitors Center, nature trails, 2 large campgrounds, Stanislaus River access, hiking trailheads and picnic spots. Summer and weekends are usually busy. Plan your visit on weekdays or off-season for less crowds.

wild life

Sequoias Sonora

Calaveras State Park

public lands nearby -
  • BLM Gold Country
  • USDA Stanislaus NF
  • Wilderness Acres
    Sierra Redwoods


    Park Headquarters

    Visitors Center

    Nearby towns w/ lodging:

    Stanisalus River
    Beaver Creek
    Mountain Biking
    on fire roads only
    May - October
    Horseback tours
    & stagecoach rides
    Winter Skiing
    Cottage Springs

    Photo Credit ©
    Mike Rother

    Calaveras Backpacking

    Plenty of nature to enjoy. Dirt roads heading off north & south from Highway 4. (CA State Route 4)
    Take you pick, follow one & enjoy the forest.


    Calaveras Campgrounds RV camping Sonora

    2 large developed campgrounds with over 30 spots at each. (reservations accepted)

    Primitive Camp Sites

    The only primitive camping inside the state park is way of backpacking into the nearby backcountry. For car camping and free of charge camping, try driving dirt roads close in neighboring Stanislaus National Forest.

    Across the Highway SR4, Forest Service Rd#5N23
    Nearby Board Crossing Road #52 becomes Forest Service Rd #5N02


    Calaveras Hiking

    State Park has nature trail & some guided tours in summer. Day hiking trails and backpacking wilderness areas.

    big trees park
    Scenic Meadows & Tons of Trees, Big & Small. Photo Credit © Mike Rother

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