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Wild Flowers of Box Canyon, Mecca

wildflowers in California An early Spring can bring Deserts as well as mountain foothills to full bloom anywhere from FEB-MAY. By summer, JUNE- AUG expect to see the mid elevations bursting with color. After the big snows melt at higher elevations, JULY-SEPT meadows are the place to be!

All wildflowers are protected by California law with a $500 fine for violation. For every one wildflower picked, one hundred less will bloom next year.

What Time of Year When is the bloom?

This is a chart for best chances of viewing flowers in the state of California














high deserts


low deserts

  . . .                





high sierra




towns with incredible wildflower displays close by:


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Kernville Wildflowers

Wildflower Hikes

Hot Springs Mountain (Off Highway 79)

5.5 miles RT/ strenuous
elevation gain/loss =1,250 feet

near Warner Springs, East of Temecula / 10 miles northeast of Lake Henshaw

  • From Temecula Interstate 15, take Highway 79 East to Warner Springs
  • Drive up Los Coyotes' Indian Reservations main road, past the intersection of Middle Fork Borrego Palm Canyon (6.1 miles past the entrance gate )
  • Turn left (west) and drive up the valley on a sandy road to reach a saddle above the valley 2.2 mi. farther
  • At Nelson's Camp, on the left side of the road, Park at the camp
  • Begin hiking southwest up along a small tributary stream that flows north & west into Agua Caliente Creek.
  • Follow an old Jeep trail up, gaining more than 500 feet in just over a mile.
  • At the top, you'll meet a better road that runs up the south slope to Hot Springs Mountain
  • Turn left (west) on this road and climb another 1.6 miles along the ridge line to the tower.
  • Pass through dense forests of black oak, Coulter pine and white fir,
  • Meadows dotted in late spring with wildflowers.
  • Lookout tower, dilapidated and seemingly on its last leg, sits on the west shoulder of the mountain
  • Go a bit higher on the ridge by following a faint trail through thick brush and around boulders to the true summit. A flat concrete platform caps the summit block.

Photo Credit © Chris DiNenna
Early Spring bloom in March - Tollhouse Rd. east of Fresno

wildflowers in California

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    Yucca in Munch Canyon

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