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Nearly 100 miles of navigable waterways on the Colorado River - between the Palo Verde Diversion Dam above Blythe & Imperial Dam below Yuma, Blythe California is a n ideal location for outdoor recreation. Summers can get hot, but the rest of the year is prime for visiting.
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elevation: 267' population: 42,000 zip code: 92225


river side, flat agricultural desert with desert mountains & sandy washes

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Riverside County
East of Colorado River
off Interstate 40 at Hwy 78



  • Colorado River
  • Kayaking
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • RV Parks
  • Back Road Exploration
  • Wildlife Preserves
  • Rock Collecting
  • Blythe Municipal Golf Course
  • Watercraft Rentals
  • Rally Car Racing
  • parks, forests, rivers & lakes:

  • Mayflower County Park
  • Cibola National Wildlife Refuge
  • Kofa National Wildlife Refuge
  • Todd Park
  • Miller Park
  • BLM Needles
  • Mojave Camping RV Parks
  • Bristol Mountains Wilderness
  • Rice Valley Wilderness
  • blythe campgrounds

    BLM Camping El Centro
    Mayflower County Park
    Almost Free RV Camping BLM
    Midland Camping
    Mule Mountain Camping
    Destiny McIntyre Campground
    BLM Camping Needles
    Camping Long-Term Visitor Areas
    Corn Springs Campground BLM

    tent camping

    Big agricultural region. As far as tourism is concerned, it's not about the city of Blythe, but the surrounding areas of vast open space. Enough desert to really get lost in. Rich soils, jagged peaks, riverways, & minimal trees make this a winter haven for many traveling RVers.

    nearby towns:
    Lake Havasu City
    El Centro
    Bombay Beach
    local links:

    City of Blythe

    Bradshaw Trail National Back Country Byway
    Bradshaw Trail
    City of Blythe, California
    Blythe Airport

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    Corn Springs Campground

    Corn Springs Campground

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