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Laguna Hanson
(Laguna is Lagoon or Lake in Spanish)

Located inside the Sierra Juarez Mountains
Constitucion de 1857 National Park, Baja California, Mexico
Pine forests in Baja California: Dirt roads access Laguna Hanson, so come prepared to drive with dust & potholes for more than 20+ miles. NO services at lake. Minimal camping facilities. Self sufficient campers a must. OHV are nearby

Baja Maps

baja camping in the mountains

Water levels drop well below normal & what we end up with is a shallow lake with huge boulders emerged. Kinda surreal looking. Tall pines & dense forest surrrounding lake. Wide open & flat areas perfect for Mountain biking!

This campground is more like dispersed, or open camping around lake shore. Very popular place in the summer months & if you want seclusion camp away from the lake, deep in the forest. The best quiet spots are located in the north east vicinity.

No tables, minimal pit toilets.

No motorcycles signs posted, but that doesn't stop them riding all hours of the night. The rangers & rules here are a lot more lax that in the States.

Baja beach inlet



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