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Kaweah Sequoia

The small town of Three Rivers is just up the road & their slogan is the 'southern gateway' to the Sequoia National Park.

There are several recreational reservoirs that are situated at the base of the Sierras, along the western slopes. The Kaweah River transports all that snowmelt deep from in the Sierra Nevada mountains, down to the San Joaquin (Central Valley), for human consumption, households, and agriculture.

Sequoia Highway 198 has many side routes worth exploring: Mineral King Road will get you to amazing scenery, but there aren't any Sequoia groves up that way; Crystal Cave open for tours is located near the south entrance; and Big Meadows Road is best area for free camping.

Sequoia Maps

Sequoia Maps:

  • Mineral King Map
  • Golden Trout Wilderness Map
  • Golden Trout Trail Map
  • Jennie Lakes Wilderness
  • Kings Canyon High Country
  • Monarch Wilderness Map
  • Sequoia Kings Canyon NatGeo
  • Sequoia Kings Canyon NP Map
  • Sequoia National Forest Map
  • Sequoia Topo Atlas
  • Sierra Nevada Topo Map
  • North Fork of the Kaweah River is a seldom traveled dirt back road that leads from The eastside of the lake @ Hwy 198, northbound, straight into the backdoor of Sequoia National Park. Eshom Campground (on western border of NP), a small slice of Giant Sequoia National Monument land, Redwood Creek and a trailhead called Redwood Saddle are all back up in here. Have a few good topographic maps to cross-reference while traveling back roads and trails.

    Lake Kaweah
    town  surf. area  elev.  veg  contact
    Three River
    Lemon Cove
    1,945 1200' scrub oak hills U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


    hike camping -
    Horse Creek Campground
    76 camp sites
    Boat ramps, campground, picnic grounds.

    Kaweah Lake
    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    Box 44270, 34443 Sierra Drive
    Lemon Cove, CA 93244

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