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Sardine Lake California

Photo Credit © John McWade - SierraCity.com

Sardine Lake Resort is on the end - over to the right; best dining in the area. The ridge along the horizon straight ahead is hike-able and awesome. The dark ridge straight ahead is a mile away and conceals Upper Sardine Lake...

Walk west from Sand Pond and you come to Lower Sardine Lake, just a totally beautiful place. This is a popular fishing lake with no swimming allowed. The water's so clear that at noon you can see to the bottom; it's like fishing in an aquarium.

Photo Credit © John McWade - SierraCity.com

Upper Sardine Lake: Takes only a short hike to get to. This is a pure glacial bowl; the rock plunges straight into the water, no beach at all. Great fishing; ice-cold swimming. Due north of Sierra City about 15 minutes. Tahoe National Forest

elevation 5,800' / 27 campsites
lake campground, piped water, vault toilet

nearby towns:

Sierra City

nearby lakes:

Gold Lake
Sand Pond

contacts for this lake:

Sardine Lake Resort

Row boat rentals on Sardine Lake

Canoes rentals on Packer Lake

Plumas County Visitors Bureau:

Sierra County Visitors Bureau:


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