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18 years of changes

Ages ago friends used to ask “Why don’t you write a book?” My reply was “because the world wide web is here” – where I can change, update and rebuild the book every 5 years. Little did I realize that I would spend more time learning web code, redesigning, verifying, optimizing- than actually traveling the back roads of the golden state. Travel writing, GPS data, uploading images, compiling trip photos, keywords, phrases, SEO, and California links and info. Not to mention thousands of flickr photos and the rest of social media tasks.

October 2014 marks the eighteenth year online for Total Escape, which means another web site redesign is in the works. To keep you city-slickers/smartphone users interested in the real world, the wilderness areas, this lil web site needs to be super simple and also enticing for you — to yearn for the wild lands, seek the beauty, breathe the fresh air and experience flowing water.  Prodding you to venture off the beaten path, and access an unfamiliar region of the state – that which does not have wifi, nor a digital cell phone signal. Enjoy California without the crowds – AUTUMN is here!

NOTE: NorCal is also under severe drought like the rest of the WestCoast, so choosing a water source may take some searching.

off the grid,
if only for the weekend

Total Escape of whole is a work in progress.


New Content Site


DanaMite has been working on the new responsive theme for most of this whole year – the daunting 8000 page web site called Total Escape and the map store are a beast for one person to manage. While budget is minimal and map sales are slow, things are progressing at a snails pace. Here is the sneak peak with some visuals; so most links don’t work yet.

work in progress versions linked below

drought map California

living the driest years in California history

Youtubewhich means extreme conditions: super dry vegetation, wildfire dangers, minimal snow, dry creeks and waterfalls,  ultra low rivers and reservoirs,  even bone dry alpine lakes. Weather extremes are now becoming the new norm, so it has many people wondering — Are the geo-engineering guys doing their job? Are experimental scientists getting the results they had hoped for? Spraying us w/ particulates is only speeding up the whole “poisoning the planet to death” situation.  Are weather modification programs working to control our climate, rig the stock market? Perhaps shield us from the big baking sun or just increase disease?