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2013 is going down as the
driest year in California history

drought map Californiawhich means extreme conditions: super dry vegetation, wildfire dangers, minimal snow, dry creeks and waterfalls,  ultra low rivers and reservoirs,  even bone dry alpine lakes. Weather extremes are now becoming the new norm, so it has many people wondering — Are the geo-engineering guys doing their job? What are they spraying up? Are weather modification programs working to control our climate?

Minimal rain this winter could mean trouble for wildfire season ahead. EXPECT HIGH FIRE DANGER and tighter campfire restrictions for summer 2014.

topographic maps: California

splitmtn_iWith gasoline over $4 per gallon on the West Coast and with the economic recovery is no where to be found, many folks are choosing their minimal vacation time and their destinations more carefully.

Local trips, cheap and closer to home. Gone are the days when we could easily bolt away for weeks of vacation to explore the scenic back roads, burning hundreds of gallons in a single outing and dining at cute cafes along the way.

Total Escape can show you how to camp for FREE on the dirt back roads. Or you can find the smallest campgrounds, off the main highway. Gassing up the rig should be the most expensive portion of the trip. You really cannot include groceries in your trip expenses, since you would be eating these anyway at home. Grab your gear and enjoy a weekend away from everything and everyone. Outdoor recreation is what you seek.  Spectacular scenery is what you desire. Fresh mountain air is what you need. Bring saw for free firewood. Bring good maps to avoid crowds and find smaller secluded camps.