20 years

October marks the 20th year that the domain name totalescape.com was registered. Launched w/ a 33k modem in the pioneer daze of the www. Total Escape is still here two decades later – updated monthly just for you, the avid traveler of California.

1996: I began work on my California travel site immediately with the help of –
1.) Morris donated his old Apple Quadra for the project
2.) co-worker Wesley got me set w/ initial site
3.) Adobe PageMill, program that started my web skills

Back then I still had a real job and this was a personal site that I planned to make into a small business, somehow. DSL came to downtown San Diego about 1999, and I purchased my first digital camera – special order from a local camera shop. Amazon launched their associates program; Google started AdWords for text ads. Naturally these seemed like a good fit for the site.

My initial snail-mailing to innkeepers across California was premature, 1998. None of them had web sites yet, nor did they surf the web or have high speed connections. City girl, laptop, new marketing, world wide web… Huh?

Early Days Web 1.0

Compact Flash Cards couldn’t hold all my images, so I rented a laptop for road trips, 2001

kick ass web traffic, for two whole decades
Alexa Traffic Stats

Fall Colors in California

Autumn Colors in California

California Campgrounds by Reservation


After years of mergers, link repair and database updates, we finally have the New Campground Reservation links up on the all the A-Z town pages.
A to Z California