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Twenty-five years ago, I went in search of a new career and direction in life. Without a husband, nor children to raise; without a house, or a condo – I felt free to experiment a little.

I considered real estate, ski resorts, landscape design and travel related industries. Computers had been my life for over a decade already, so I naturally gravitated in this direction. My love for local California and outdoor travel was ever growing – and I knew whatever my choice, it must include the outdoors somehow.

A world wide web future, uncharted territory. A job where I was the boss, the business, the only one making it happen. I launched my baby (my only child)  totalescape.com in 1996.

Eager to leap into a freelancers lifestyle, travel for months, documenting everything, building up my content, GPSing camp sites, and photographing. Interviewing locals, recording waterfalls, finding unheard of places, camping, hiking, biking, kayaking and oh yeah – working.

but how are you gonna make money w/ a camping web site?

I dunno, I will figure that out as I go along. 



Total Escape Club Memberships? nope.
1-900 Camping Hotline? nope.
A Printed Magazine?
Full time van tours? maybe.
Location scout?


Visually walk through 2 decades of Road Trips.


so we eventually ended up with:

1.) charge innkeepers for lodge listings
2.) sell local maps and books
3.) lead guided trips
4.) affiliate earnings
5.) banner advertising

Ads (advertisements) seen on this website aren’t just nuisances; they are the primary way free websites make the money necessary to keep going.


BTW, Evergreen Posts – updating and adding to postings over time. Been doing this since day one anyway. All my pages and posts on Total Escape get reworked every few years, or as needed. Updating information, correcting phone numbers, removing outta biz locales and fixing broken links, it’s all part of the job.

Wildfires tend to ravage California.


site redesign

Yep, we finally upgraded. DanaMite went ahead and changed everything this season. Screwing it all up, confusing you. Don’t worry  – All the pages are still in here, just the menus and window dressing has changed. Find more of what you are looking for and dig deeper into this outdoor travel site, for all the juicy content.

introducing our new navigation headers w/ more search-ability

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Total Escape features ONLY local travel in California. Much of it is free or inexpensive, primarily on the back roads – with abundant nature and outdoor activities.

We list only the mom-n-pop, independent lodges – without the chain hotels and giant resorts. We list all cabins, RV parks, yurts, campgrounds and tent cabins. Sledding hills, snow mobile areas, hot springs, indian petroglyphs, old mining camps and ghost towns. Off roading areas, massive sand dunes, and all the desert parks. Hiking, biking, kayaking and so much more. We have ice skating rinks listed, bike rental shops, and every wilderness area in the Golden State.

Explore this site, over 10,000 pages – on just California.

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