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Keep your distance from others 6 feet (inside the city)

58 counties

Happy Spring Equinox, we’re in lockdown!

MARCH 20, 2020

This is so surreal, everything stopping. I keep waking up every morning wondering if it is all just a bad a dream. My business overhead is low and my income has crashed, but my satellite internet is still functioning, so I guess I will continue.

And plant some food seed – before the snow melts.



While cafes, campgrounds and music festivals are closed for public gathering, the Forests, Parks and Trails are all still OPEN. All that wide open, green, beautiful, peaceful nature, ready for your feet. Walking, miles at a time. Outdoors, not on a treadmill.

sierra hiker
Social Distancing, the best way

the World as we know it, is changing daily

One day in the future, we need to bring back the sacred human bonding of camp fire, live music and dance. Yogi SunJay will instruct us how to accomplish this — via Skype?

Serious Spring Cleaning is already underway


DanaMite has been updating all the towns this new year. Our ever-expanding California Town List will have updated populations, since some cities / towns have doubled (or even quadrupled) in size in the past 2 decades.

Adding new information with local links, updated weather link, double checking broken links, including more books and more maps specific to the local area, plus a few new photos.

Listing local farms, orchards and wineries, coffee shops, cafes, small markets and restaurants, independent grocery stores, garden centers, services, farmers markets – and anything organic!

La Porte Road
One Eyed Jacks Market & Cafe, in rural Clipper Mills, CA – on La Porte Road, North Sierra



Suddenly, the prepper movement doesn’t look so crazy after all. Stay informed w/ a variety of news resources. Keep up to date on local conditions, food supply, and start to grow your own veggies. Yes, right now. No matter how small your yard or balcony is.



Backroad #19


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Total Escape features ONLY local travel in California. Much of it is free or inexpensive, primarily on the back roads – with abundant nature and outdoor activities.

We list only the mom-n-pop, independent lodges – without the chain hotels and giant resorts. We list all cabins, RV parks, yurts, campgrounds and tent cabins. Sledding hills, snow mobile areas, hot springs, indian petroglyphs, old mining camps and ghost towns. Off roading areas, massive sand dunes, and all the desert parks. Hiking, biking, kayaking and so much more. We have ice skating rinks listed, bike rental shops, and every wilderness area in the Golden State.

find back roads; off the beaten path

Explore this site, over 10,000 pages – on just California.

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stay on trails

California, off the beaten path