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please excuse the messy site and lack of navigation this month. After 2 decades online, there is bound to be some technically challenging situations that occur.

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road closed: where?

This past winter dumped so much rain in California that most of the higher elevations are still closed with snow (May). Dirt roads and paved highways have collapsed with over-saturated soils, debris fills nearly every canyon, lakes still covered, some camps are inaccessible; Damage is so bad that many roads may be closed indefinitely.

Eastern Sierra Aspens

Find statewide road closures, inaccessible trailheads, dirt roads w/ landslides, closed campgrounds on the USFS web site below. National Forest Road Closures & Storm Damage https://www.fs.fed.us/r5/webmaps/StormDamage2017/

California: Camping

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