Independent Lodge

independent innsWhen you are staying inside a chain hotel, you can be in any city or town & the rooms all look the same. From Redding to Redlands, there is no difference.

No unique decor, no local pamphlets on area attractions, no wonderful view of the river.  No recommendations on dinner restaurants. Total Escape does not list chain hotels on our web site. We believe in supporting the mom-n-pops, the small independent inns, the rural cabins, the resort properties, the real back road businesses – that desire your business.

Common links point to third party vendors that lists chains, but we would rather save our page space for the real gems of California.

Make use of our 3000 lodges in the California Lodge Directory & make sure to tell them you found it on Total Escape!

California Lake Cabins

Camp lakes are a vacation like no other. Pines, fresh air, clean water, weather. California lake property is a dream, a rare thing. We should all treasure the snow melt & the alpine vistas. Innkeepers who offer up their lake front properties for tourist lodging are few and far in between. Here are the some top spots & a few unknown destinations for California Lakes with cabin rentals. (if you prefer not to rough it on the back roads)

Sierra Nevada California:

Pine Crest Lake, CA

Gold Lake, California

Huntington Lake, CA

Lake Tahoe, California

Green Valley Lake, CA

Twin Lakes, Bridgeport, CA

Edison Lake, High Sierra

Shaver Lake, Sierra Nevada

Northern California Lakes:

Lake Almanor, California

Lake Shasta, Obrien CA

Lewiston Trinity, California

Wanna campground on the lake instead of a cabin?

Start with the nearby National Forests.