Farm Vacations California

Farm Retreats

Commonly called ‘farm stays’ these are customizable vacations located on farm properties, vineyards or guest ranches. Organic farms are even opening their doors to the public for tours & overnight stays.

farm stays

Imagine a cute cottage with large deck and a nice view over a winery, or an organic orchard with farmhouse for weekly rentals, or a real working ranch in the Sierra Nevada foothills. On Total Escape we have any kinda vacation you want – always out in nature.

Farm Retreats in California

California Winery Lodges

If you are searching for a Yoga Farm, we have those too.

wine country lodge

California Poppy Reserve

poppiesMojave Desert – Antelope Valley Poppies

Poppy stompers unite – out in the AV

ca poppy reserve

Interstate 5 to Hwy 138 East, follow signs from the highway near 170th street; or – Hwy.14 N to Lancaster, exit Ave. I & drive west 15 miles, veer right at end,
then left on Lancaster Road

  • visitor center
  • picnic areas
  • 8 miles of trails

661 724-1180

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

BLOOM: mid March thru April

This can be a crowded little park on the weekends, with tour buses, traffic jams & the minivans. Best take our advice & visit early morning on Saturday or Sunday — or better, during mid week. Another suitable option is to head for the nearby hills off Hwy 138 & 140th Street. Pay attention to private property signs & if you plan to drive on the dirt roads in your passenger car, then know that these are not graded (unmaintained) back roads. 4×4 is not required; watch for dips & gullies. These golden poppies are popping all around this area in Spring & it can be quite windy. California poppies are not specific only to the park boundaries, so go explore.

Poppy Preserve

Common Wildflowers

see also nearby Gorman Poppies in the Tejon Pass

California UFO

California stargazing

Night Skies in California

Many, many a nights spent under the heavenly stars. Outside in the middle of nowhere, tent camping, with fresh air and very open views of the sky. If you’ve seen the night skies, you know how incredible they can be, especially in the High Sierra. Alpine late summers with minimal moisture in the air, where chilly night time is show time and day time is for napping in the hammock. Perhaps you stargaze out in the vast deserts in winter months, or only in summer near the coast. But how many people ever see an unidentified flying object?

Stargazing comes hand in hand with meteor showers, telescope camp outs, star parties, and yes, unidentified flying objects. Although, half of the reports are in day light. I’ve heard a few UFO stories in my day, but only California dude who had a story about a New York U.F.O. I dated a conspiracy/ufo guy in college, once. I’ve driven near Area 51, but not camped. I have yet to see one UFO, nor a crop circle, but I am not a pilot either. After camping out nearly 1000 nights, over 20 years, you would think I would have encountered at least one by now. I’m kinda bummed a little. I would like to see one, if they do exist.

Come on all you RVers & campers, put out the universal calling welcoming them to come and pay a visit.

Here are some recent California UFO stories:

UFO Crash & Retrieval at Needles, CA
UFO Photo in San Diego Co
Escondido UFO

California Big Foot

Camping near Sasquatch, Yeti, California Bigfoot

bigfoot California

This bad boy stands at a corner in Happy Camp, on the Klamath River in Northern California. Does he look happy to you? Their populations may not be thriving, as previously thought.

Highway 299 Westbound, in winter means wet, mud, and rock slides. A dark river canyon with big trees and tall cliffs. Wildfire burnt areas near Weaverville CA; Snow at 3000′. As an avid camper in California, I get questions. Plenty. Most about local destinations, some about secret spots, a few about camping gear. Tourists will ask about the California big foot – every so often. The majority of Total Escape tent camping has been in Baja & SoCal, the Central Coast & the Western US deserts. Minimal in Northern California – where the mythical beast is know to live.

Bigfoot Country is considered anything north of Trinity County (up into Oregon & Washing state). The story begins with Native Americans about multiple “sasquatch” creatures that live around Bluff Creek near the remote Klamath River. Is he a urban legend, a great hoax or for real? Upon our 2008 Xmas road trip we interviewed plenty locals about the possibility; the only guy who had a sorta believable story about ‘hearing one, but never see it’ — was a 21 yr old slacker kid from Willow Creek, so the credibility is questionable.

Stay overnight at the Big Foot Lodge down in Willow Creek & you’ll spend much more than necessary for a simple hotel room. If it’s raining hard & you need a place, it may be your only option. Best to call ahead for other lodges & cabins. The Bigfoot Museum is located in these parts and the Bigfoot Festival is held every Labor Day weekend in downtown Willow Creek. Anyone up for Big Foot river rafting?

Small town of Happy Camp is serious “back woods” California – at it best or worst, you decide. The chamber of commerce is trying to make this more of a tourist destination, we’ll see how that pans out. But if you wanna see a big foot, these areas of Klamath & Six River National Forests are both prime places to do it. Explore way, way back there. Be prepared, with camera & a weapon.

Klamath River has tons of outdoor recreation, camping, fishing, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, equestrian trails. The lodging was minimal in HappyCamp. Primitive tent camping on the river rock/sand bars at Independence Creek on Klamath Hwy 96 – looked more inviting. Crazy kayakers!

As far as any yeti encounters with Total Escape – nope, none, nada.
Not one…. yet.


If you are a local from NorCal with a great big foot story, we would love to hear about it