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Rodents have taken away my motorhome. It has been in storage for 3 years without use. Argghh!

Do you need to get away from city life more often? Make use of that beast. Or sell it to some deserving soul – who will use it.

If you are itching to get outta town and head for the high country with your fifth wheel or camper van or diesel pusher, this web site will indeed inspire you to travel more of California’s back roads. Motorhomes over 40 feet long should take note of California Highways limitations – see more on Cal Trans California

California Escapes
Marcelo’s rig in 1995? – for traveling the west promoting totalescape.com

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    the OC: SoCal culture – beaches, surf, mountains

    Orange County. North of San Diego & south of L.A.


    OC hikes

    A wonderful resource for Orange County outdoors is

    maps for local weekends, local hikes:

    oretga highway 74
    oretga highway 74

    Partington Cove Hike in Big Sur

    Big Sur – Partington Cove

    Go west to & visit the oceans edge or head east to explore a deep redwood canyon.big

    Approx. 5 miles South of Big Sur State Park and just north of Julia Pfeiffer Burn State Park, this unmarked dirt turnout area on Highway 1 is a rare find. Rocky shorelines at the historic point, plus the scenic tree lined waterfall & cross the highway & head east for a shady Redwood canyon forest with plenty of backpacking options into the Big Sur back country of Los Padres National Forest. From bright sunny ocean view hillsides to dark shady forests.

    This portion of the highway cuts into a deep bend along the coast & has no markings to the paradise that lies within. A steep dirt fire road (down to the cove) with metal gate is your only clue. Dirt parking area on both sides of the road indicate that people have parked here before.

    This un-signed secluded hide-away has a variety of landscape & sites to see. You could easily kill 6-8 hours just in this canyon alone!! Definitely not a hurry through kind of place. Take your time, enjoy the view, tide pools, bring your swim suits & refresh in the creek. Carry a picnic eastbound into a shady creek-bed canyon & watch the sun dance through the towering pines above.

    Driving northbound on Highway 1, look for large hair-pin turn out in canyon area – approx. 3-5 mi. North of Julia Pfeiffer State Park in wide dirt areas along roadside. Located in between Julia State Park & Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.

    Hike down the dusty wide gated fire road in dry brush chaparral. The view of Redwood trees, the royal blue ocean in front of you, the sounds of a water falling creek. The trail forks off in 3 directions:

    Right / Rock Beach – this a boulder lined cove where the clear fresh water stream meets the ocean. Small pools & waterfalls can be found just upstream .

    Bridge Crossing / Point – through a wooden tunnel to a cliff area with tide pools & wooden structure (an old boat launch?)

    Left / Up Stream – a forested canyon w/ a variety of trees; dead ends a few hundred yards up into the canyon

    DSCN3021Another option to this canyon is the East side:

    Hike up inland (away from ocean) into a densely forested creek area. Redwoods, waterfalls & boulders. Deer sightings are quite common in this area. Shady & dark this trail climbs gradually in elevation. One fork of the trail leads to an old Redwood Grove. A portion of the trail is closed 2.5 mi. up due to a landslide. But overall the is a perfect option for backpackers wanting a short hike.

  • Los Padres Maps (USDA)
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  • Ventana Wilderness Map w/ Silver Peak