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Yellow Post Camping / Back Roads Camping near Big Bear & Idyllwild CA

This is “dispersed” Sierra Nevada style camping on the back road in Southern California, where fire danger is greatest. They authorities have designated certain spots as ‘fire safe’ for remote, open camping options. If you prefer to stay out of the developed campgrounds, you will be the minority. SoCal camping doesn’t have to mean crowded campgrounds. Seek your seclusion on the dirt back roads, where there are no fees, minimal noises & a private site waiting just for you. But be warned, you may need a high clearance vehicle (SUV, truck or 4×4) to reach these premium spots. And, of course, a fire permit is required.

In the San Bernardino National Forest there are several back woods ‘fire safe’ camping spots, that are noted with a single yellow metal post & some may require reservations in busy summer months. Extra caution should be used when winds are high, camp fires are often banned due to high fire danger. Check with local rangers for up to date conditions.

No restrooms, no water, no facilities. Just a dirt road, a fire ring & a single picnic table. Hopefully your table will not be shot up, by the local rednecks who ‘get off’ doing stupid stuff like this. Pick up any litter & leave the place better than your found it.

These backroad camps are perfect for the 4×4 group, stressed out social club, church group, or the city SUVer who wants to get away from the crowds. Online map of these spots exist for Big Bear Lake area only, noting these sought after spots nearest to the lake, but there are many more not featured on this map. A regular Forest Service Map is highly advised to reach these areas. There are rugged dirt roads that lead to some of these spots. A passenger car is sometimes not suitable.

Big Bear Camping

Idyllwild Camping

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