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Back in 1999 Total Escape started selling hard-to-find topographic maps over the world wide web. Maps, local, specific for California destinations. Building an ecommerce store for topo maps, when buying anything online in those days was a novelty.

Hiking maps, fishing maps, camping maps, off-road routes, back road maps. Featuring them all over the site, most Total Escape pages have links to regional maps. We even have a New Map Shop for 2017.

Fast forward 18 years and rarely do you even need a printed (hard copy) map anymore. Everyone is walking around with a mini-computer in their hand. But that digital map technology will not always work in the backcountry, where cell phones signals & high speed internet are sparse.

Amazon for Maps

Today, Amazon has a decent selection of outdoor maps and we have linked to all of them. DanaMite is done with the daily post office runs and is now redesigning the map shop, linking to all brands of California Outdoor Maps.


Buying gear with Total Escape helps keep this independent travel site alive and up to date. Since we never secured venture capital or corporate backing in the early years, we do appreciate your clicks today.