California Topo Maps

topo linesCalifornia Terrain

Topographical maps feature the terrain of a wilderness or hiking area, through colored shading & thin contour lines to represent elevations. Park boundaries, trail routes, trail heads & campgrounds are noted, as well as major landmarks like lakes, rivers, creeks, meadows, peaks, canyons, hot springs, waterfalls & all roads (dirt or paved). Backpackers & hikers must rely on such maps for planning & trekking their journey.

Here in California we are lucky to have so much public land available to us for enjoyment.

7.5 minute topographic quadrangle maps, available from the USGS, can be found online.

A while back, the NFS offered handy books of these sought-after topo maps. They were compiled into booklet form called an ATLAS, with sturdy covers & a spiral bound. Overall size is close to 9″x12″ & they are much easier to handle than the individual paper maps. Finding them in print and available now is difficult.

Below is a list of the topo maps available for California:

wilderness maps CA kings canyon