California Topo Maps

topo linesTopographical maps feature the terrain of a wilderness or hiking area, through colored shading & thin lines to represent elevations. Park boundaries, trail routes, trail heads & campgrounds are noted, as well as major landmarks like lakes, rivers, creeks, meadows, peaks, hot springs, waterfalls & all roads (dirt or paved). Backpackers & hikers must rely on such maps for planning & trekking their journey.

Here in California we are lucky to have so much public land available to us for enjoyment. Many of the USDA National Forest Service 7 minute topo (sheet) maps are now compiled into booklet form called an ATLAS, with sturdy covers & a spiral bound. Overall size is close to 9″x12″ & they are much easier to handle than the individual paper maps.

Below is a list of the topo maps available for California:

wilderness maps CA kings canyon