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Trio of Hotties - Upper Kern 2001

People are craving wildness like never before. As the population grows, the more crowded cities become and the more congested the freeways. The crazier city life gets, the more we stress out or become numb. Internally you want peace and quiet. No buzzing, no beeping, no phone!

Solitude can be found on the back roads of California!

PLEASE NOTE: California’s population has grown by an additional 700,000+ people since this web site begin in 1996. And there is only ONE Yosemite Valley, for everyone to share.

The politics of daily life; the wilder the news gets, the more you want the a vacation outdoors, now. The rural parts of the state always intrigue; natural beauty everywhere. Escape the matrix, if only for a weekend.
Adult Kids

Whether it is a solo trip, a romantic weekend away or just a small group of friends seeking to ‘get as far away from the crowds as possible’, we do have California covered. In depth. The Total Escape way.

BTW, (in case you haven’t figured this out)

tv the big distraction

Television will ruin the one LIFE you thought you had.

Get outdoors. Everyday.

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