Wild Animals in Bako

One of the scariest experience of my life. Camping trip to the Sierra Nevada. Driving northbound we stopped in Bakersfield CA Friday night to see a relative, on the way up to Kings Canyon. Pulled into McDonalds for some cholesterol and sugar. The dining room was closed, so we opted for the drive-thru.

When we got to the window, gave the girl our money. Few minutes later I wondered what the heck was taking so freakin long. As I leaned forward in my seat to peer into the kitchen, a large black man jumped across the counter with a semi automatic weapon and demand cash. Standing in the doorway, he looked at us and said ” Don’t move, don’t go anywhere and don’t look at me”. The nervous cashier girl was stuffing money into a bag from the register, while he screamed to ‘unlock the safe’. My boyfriend was in the drivers seat trying to calm me down. Clasping my hand, we were both shaking like a leaf. I knew that there could easily be bullets our way at any second – with the windows wide open. The robber was standing literally six feet from us and waving the gun back ‘n forth. As soon as he got what he wanted, the manager unlocked the door on the opposite side of the restaurant. We floored it and pealed outta the parking lot. Luckily in time, before the homeboys driving the get-away car could get around the building.

Saw the cops zoom by two blocks later. What a way to start a camping trip. Went on our way with the wilderness trip and had a blast. Any kind of wild animals we experienced were welcomed and mild compared to that hoodloom experience. I’ll take unpredictable mother nature and wildlife any day over city gang bangers.