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The mysterious topographic map maker, Landon Crumpton, is gone. Although his Baja Almanac book of the Mexican peninsula is still as popular as ever.


The Total Escape crew has been using this amazing topo map for Baja Mexico since our the very first excursions in 1990. Click below to read more about the famous, hard-to-find Baja Almanac publication.

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    California Water Information

    California Reservoirs
    California Water Resources

    water resources / water scarcity / land and water

    snow flakes


    State Snow Depths – Wunderground
    SNOTEL Snow Depth Reports

    California Snow Water Equivalents
    Sierra Snow Pack Data

    Eastern Sierra Snow Pack by Sierra Wave
    Article published Feb 2014

    Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center
    Snowpack summaries published Dec 2014

    Sierra Avalanche Center
    Sierra Nevada Mountain Snow in California


    snow flakes


    The Lowest Lake Levels in California
    List of Reservoirs below 30% full, as reported Jan. 2015

    Conditions for Major Reservoirs in California

    • Trinity Lake
    • Lake Shasta
    • Lake Oroville
    • Folsom Lake
    • New Melones Lake
    • Millerton Lake
    • San Luis Reservoir
    • Don Pedro Reservoir
    • Pine Flat Lake
    • Pyramid Lake
    • Castaic Lake

    Daily Reservoir Storage Summary
    State wide  updated list of California Reservoirs

    San Diego River & Reservoir Data
    Map of San Diego Hydrology, Water Storage

    San Luis Obispo Reservoir Data
    Lakes on the Central Coast of California

    • Lake Nacimiento
    • Whale Rock Reservoir
    • Lake Lopez
    • Santa Margarita Lake
    • Twitchell Reservoir

    Ventura County Watershed Map
    Watershed Protection District

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    California River Forecast Center Map
    Overview for recent rainfall data, snow depths, and ocean temperature

    California Current River Conditions Dept of Water Resources

    California River Forecast
    California Nevada River Forecast Center
    Drought Info

    Upper Sacramento River Forecast
    Northern Sacto River

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    Irrigated Lands in California – Farming Map

    Dry Wells in California – DanaMite’s Map
    More than 1,480 domestic well failures in 36 counties have been reported to the state of California recently.

    California will need 11 trillion gallons of water to end epic drought by

    California Department of Water Resources

    Water in California – Wikipedia
    Reservoirs, Water Sources, Aquaducts, Water Distribution

    Residential Per Capita Water Use across California
    Water conservation measures and stats per city

    Aquafornia, the Water Education Foundation
    California water news from various news sources

    Association of California Water Agencies
    Largest statewide coalition of public water agencies

    USGS Water Data for California
    The United States Geological Survey

    EPA – Environmental Protection Agency
    California Drinking Water | Local Drinking Water Information

    California Water Impact Network, C-WIN
    Advocates for equitable and environmentally sensitive use of California’s water

    California Drought Map
    National Drought Mitigation Center


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    Heal the Bay
    Volunteer, Beach Cleanups, Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

    The Pacific Genocide

    • Fukushima Meltdown
    • Acidification of Oceans
    • Overfishing
    • Pollution & Oil Spills
    • Marine Life Watch

    Pear Festival


    Kelseyville Pear Festival
    Pear Fest Lake County

    Main Street in Kelseyville comes alive,w/ this family-focused event to showcase the areas history, agritourism, local businesses, craftsmen and community services. This is a fun filled day that starts off with a home town parade. Festivities include three stages with musicians, dancers and cloggers; horse demonstrations; antique car, engine and tractor shows; quilt shows; art shows and an entire pavilion devoted to all things ‘pear.’ Food vendors offer an array of scrumptious selections. Wine and beer tasting along with pear margaritas round out the choices. Pear pies and desserts always sell out.

    Annual event; September
    (one day only)
    707-279 9022

    Kelseyville, CA



    Farm-to-Fork Festival

    Farm to Fork Festival California

    Farm to Fork Festival

    Designed to demonstrate where our food and drinks come from, the Farm-to-Fork Festival has proven to be one of the Sacramento region’s most popular events. The free event, hosted on the city’s iconic Capitol Mall boasts an exciting selection of farm-to-fork offerings that are produced and available in the Sacramento region. Attendees will find food, wine and beer from regional eateries and purveyors, as well as farmers markets, live music, cooking demonstrations, local grocers, farms and ranches, vendor booths and much more.

    Annual event: September

    Sacramento, CA