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California Camping Maps

California Campground Maps

Maps are the key to finding your very own slice of heaven in the Wilderness. Online map sources can barely get you to your city destination correctly, much less the remote waterfall you desire. You will need a real map for your adventure. A topographical map, with all the details, dirt roads & hiking trails. If you are seeking to stay away from the touristy crowds, this is the best possible place you can be…. on this site, searching for ways to make it happen – this weekend.


maps of California
Mount Whitney, John Muir & way beyond the High Sierra. DanaMite has all the California Wilderness maps on the new map shop. Various brands and types of maps. Most are printed on waterproof plastic now & are tear-resistant.


El Dorado Camping
Planning on camping outside of the developed campgrounds & finding that perfect stream side spot without the reservation & the fees? Then you will need a free fire permit (from a ranger station), plus a good map of the forests & a vehicle capable of handling the rugged the back roads. Much of California is prone to wildfires, so make sure campfires are even allowed on the backroads, before you get out there. Call the “field rangers” for back road advice and current recommendations.


Wanna take that 4×4 vehicle somewhere really special this season? Camp well beyond the masses, way down that dirt road. We have OHV maps for SoCal, the deserts & all the National Forest maps too.


Start your search on the perfect campground or camp site with the destination in mind. Mountains, deserts, coastal. Parks & forests all have their own maps with all nearby camp grounds listed. We feature all the National Forest maps, as well as some State Park & National Park maps

See all California topo, hiking, camping maps

Sierra Nevada maps


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  • RV camping deep in the Sierra
    RV camping at it's best in the Sierra; This rig found themselves deep in the alpine lush meadows with towering trees and a view and a very private camp site.
    Big Bend CA
    Big Bend Ranger Station, off I-80

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    Lassen Forest Roads

    Lassen Backroads

    Lassen National Forest roads and trailheads, surrounding Lassen NP

    Lassen Forest

    Lassen National Park is completely encompassed by National Forest land with dirt roads, off road trails, serene lakes, secluded camp sites, hiking trailheads and wilderness access

    California State Route 89 (highway 89) runs north/south thru the middle of the park and closes for months due to winter snow.

    California State Route 36 (highway 36) runs east/west on the south side of the National Park, connecting Red Bluff to Susanville, CA

    California State Route 44 (highway 44) runs east/west on the north side of the National Park, connecting Redding to Susanville, CA

    East of Lassen National Park

    Lassen Forest Road #10
    Echo Lake, Silver Lake, Caribou Lake. Campgrounds, trailheads, backpacking, day hikes, parking, equestrian.

    Crater Lake on the north side of Hwy 44

    Lassen Forest Road #318
    Juniper Lake Road (aka Chester Juniper Lake Rd)
    N of Chester, CA
    paved first 5 miles, then becomes graded dirt road for another 5.

    Benner Creek runs along the first half of this route w/ Banner Creek Campground: elevation 5562′ / 9 camp sites / open May-Nov

    Juniper Lake at end of road w/ NPS campground
    elevation 6792′ / 18 camp sites / open June-Sept

    Lassen Forest Road #312
    Warner Valley Road (aka Drakesbad Road)
    N of Chester, CA
    10 miles long, paved most of the way, then becomes graded dirt road out to Drakesbad meadow.

    Lassen Forest Road #311
    W of Chester, CA

    Wilson Lake Road, connects Hwy 36 to Road #312
    Domingo Springs Campground: elevation 5060′ / 18 camp sites / open May-Nov

    Lassen Road #29N18
    W of Chester, CA
    Loop route off Forest Road #311 w/ North Fork of the Feather River, leading to Elizabeth Lake trailhead

    Lassen Road #29N19
    W of Chester, CA
    Graded dirt road w/easy access. Connects Forest Road #311 to highway, paralleling Hwy 36. Lost Creek runs along this route w/ Willow Springs Campground: elevation 5100′ / 14 camp sites / open May-Nov

    West of Lassen National Park

    Lassen Forest Road #17
    W of Lassen NP
    North-South dirt road that connects highway 36 to highway 44.

    Heart Lake trailhead
    At the south end on Hwy 36 is Battle Creek Campground: elevation 4800′ / 50 camp sites / open April-Oct

    Lassen Forest Road #29N22
    Mineral Road connects Hwy 89 to Viola on Hwy 44
    McGowan Lake Winter Recreation Area at South entrance of Lassen NP

    North of Lassen National Park

    Lassen Forest Road #32N13
    Lassen Forest Road #32N22 (PCT crosses this route)
    Twin Bridges networks dirt roads around Old Station Visitors Center at junction Hwy 89 & 44.  Hat Creek and Cave Campground on highway, Big Pine Campground off highway

    Road #32N20
    Road #32N56 – road just south of Subway Cave near Old Station, off SR Hwy 44 lead to small Baker lake.

    Road #32N92Y side route leading from Hwy 44 to Road #32N21 along Butte Creek.
    Butte Lake Ranger Station and Butte Lake Campground: elevation 5600′ / 20 camp sites /open May-Oct

    Road #32N09 connects Forest Road #10 to Widow Lake trailhead and Butte Lake.
    Road #32N60 is Bogart Winter Recreation Area, at Hwy 44

    Hat Creek Lassen Road #18 runs north/south along Hat Creek Rim. Dirt road parallels Hat Creek Valley on the east side of Hwy 89
    Road #22 connects Hwy 89 to Hat Creek Rim. A popular hang glider launch area after the University of California Radio Astronomy Observatory, then the road continues eastbound to cross Pittville Rd #111 and ends up at Little Valley

    Lassen NF Road #111 is Pittville Rd, runs north/south paralleling Hat Creek Rim to the east side. This 30 mile long route connects Hwy 44 to Pitt River at Hwy 299 near Fall River Mills, CA



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