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California Motorcycle Roads

CA motorcycle roads

These are the roads that drivers love. More room to roam, more space, more pavement, more scenery to love and less people, less drivers and less distractions. California has endless roadways that wind through every part of the entire state. If you enjoy real driving in California, you like the curvy roads & scenery. Total Escape  has dedicated numerous hours to the collection of back roads in California. Some paved, some not.

4000 RPMs or higher / Cerro Noroeste Road to Hwy 166



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    Some random road east of Trinity River

    Garcia Wilderness

    Garcia Wilderness, Los Padres NF

    14,100 acres
    Garcia Peak – 3146′ elevation
    Los Padres National Forest
    Huasna River
    Pozo Creek

    himtncampgroundcampgrounds nearby –

    American Canyon Campground
    Hi Mountain Campground
    La Panza Campground
    Lake Lopez Campground
    Navajo Campground

    trailheads for Garcia Wilderness

    • Hi Mtn
    • Santa Lucia
    • Garcia OHV

    POZO ROAD is also known as

    • Pozo La Panza Rd
    • Hi Mountain Rd
    • Pozo Arroyo Grande Rd

    San Luis Obispo’s Los Padres Pozo Rd is a 4×4 route that accesses the Garcia Wilderness; the dirt route connects Lake Lopez to Pozo Saloon, out near Santa Margarita. Los Padres National Forest 

    Located inland from the Pismo Coast in south San Luis Obispo county.
    Garcia Peak OHV Route, off Pozo Road behind Lake Lopez, Arroyo Grande, CA

    • backpackingLupine on Pozo Rd
    • camping
    • hiking
    • mountain biking
    • off roading
    • waterfalls
    • wildflowers

    Steep lush coastal mountains, rugged, remote landscapes close to Central Coast San Luis Obispo.

    Garcia Ridge Road #30S18

    Garcia Ridge Trail #15E11

    Hi Mountain Road #30S11



    also nearby – Machesna Mountains Wilderness and Santa Lucia Wilderness

    Old West Days in Randsburg CA


    Old West Days in Randsburg

    Many old west towns are still in existence in California, but few are as unique as the Randsburg Mining Camp in the Northern Mojave desert, where Hwy 395 meets the 14. The sleepy desert town is a hub of activity ( on weekends) for car clubs, dirt bikers, of-roaders & travelers passing through. Mid week you’ll see the locals and fewer tourists.Green Shack



    This high desert annual event is on the third Saturday in September every year, music street fair is the biggest day of the year for local residents & tourists alike. Historic sights, donkeys, horses, cowboys, live music, food & all the fun you can imagine in the middle of nowhere. One day only!

    Sponsored by the Rand Desert Museum

    Annual event: September

    Randsburg, CA



    Post Office Cat


    Night Time Entertaining Ourselves

    Rock Front Ranch


    Rock Front OHV

    San Luis Obispo County Off Roading
    Los Padres National Forest

    Rock Front Area is located on the north side of Hwy 166 in between New Cuyama and Nipomo, on the very edge of San Luis Obispo county in the center of the Santa Lucia Ranger District of Los Padres National Forest.  Landscape varies from rock covered canyons to ridge line trails with outstanding vistas of the the mountains and Cuyama Valley. Remote area features Los Machos Hills, Alder Creek, Branch Creek, Cuyama River, cool rock formations.

    15,328 acres
    41 miles of trails

    From US Hwy 101 @ Hwy 166 travel east 25 miles, left turn into Rock Front Ranch gate on left side. (This road may also be known as Branch Creek Rd on some maps). This off road area can be closed during rainy seasons, so it is best to call rangers ahead of time to ensure the gates are open. There is also one brown Forest Service sign along gate10mileshighway 166, (couple of miles from 101)  letting eastbound traffic know if this OHV area is open or closed.

    The dirt Road #32S07 (Arroyo Seco) from the west connecting historic Huasna townsite to Rock Front is CLOSED to thru traffic and has a locked gate. Private properties and ranches are abundant in the backcountry of Arroyo Grande, CA

    Los Padres National Forest
    Santa Lucia Ranger


    Rock Front Ranch Campgrounds

    Off Road Trails in Rock Front Ranch

    OHV trail ratings in this region are designated below
    Rock Front OHV

    • Green diamond – easy & least difficult
    • Blue diamond – moderate & more difficult
    • Black diamond – extreme & most difficult

    Logan Ridge Trail #17E05
    Green diamond. Least difficult. Open to motorcycles, ATVS, 4WD. 1.4 miles long. This route is a good route for beginning riders. It is located on the main ridge top of Logan Ridge. Route dead-ends at a locked gate.

    Shaw Ridge Trail #17E06
    Black diamond. Most difficult. Open to motorcycles, ATVS, 4WD. 8 miles long. This route leaves the Twin Rocks route on a spur ridge that drops into the Alamo Creek drainage and dead-ends. A very steep section of trail exists at the end of this route where specialized equipment is recommended. This section is recommended for advanced riders.

    maps Los Machos Trail #17E07
    Green diamond. Least difficult. Open to motorcycles, ATVS, 4WD. 2.8 miles long. This route is a good route for beginning riders. It is located on the main ridge top of the Los Machos Hills. Route dead-ends at a locked gate.

    Paradise Trail #17E08
    Blue diamond. More difficult. Open to motorcycles, ATVS, 4WD. 2 miles long. Access to Paradise Campground and Los Machos route. It is best suited for intermediate riders due to a steep section along the route. Route dead-ends at a locked gate.

    Branch Creek Trail #17E09
    Blue diamond. More difficult. Open to motorcycles, ATVS, 4WD. 5.5 miles long. Access to Buck Springs Campground, parallels the Big Rock route and offers a loop ride.

    Big Rocks Trail #17E10
    Blue diamond. More difficult. Open to motorcycles, ATVS, 4WD. 4 miles long. Located on the main ridge top and intersects with the Jack Springs route.

    Twin Rocks Trail #17E12
    Blue diamond. More difficult. Open to motorcycles, ATVS, 4WD. 3.5 miles long. This route intersects Shaw Ridge and dead-ends at a locked gate. The first half-mile of this trail is steep. Once on top of the ridge you have excellent views of the Cuyama Valley and the Santa Lucia Range.

    Kerry Canyon Trail #30W02
    Black diamond. Most difficult. For motorcycles only. 6 miles long. This trail must be accessed through Colson Canyon or Sierra Madre. The trail is highly technical and is recommended for advanced motorcycle riders only.

    HORSE TRAINING – Along the highway at the gate of Rock Front Ranch is a rock structure home and ranch catering to horse training. skeltonperformancehorses.com