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California Motorcycle Roads

CA motorcycle roads

These are the roads that drivers love. More room to roam, more space, more pavement, more scenery to love and less people, less drivers and less distractions. California has endless roadways that wind through every part of the entire state. If you enjoy real driving in California, you like the curvy roads & scenery. Total Escape  has dedicated numerous hours to the collection of back roads in California. Some paved, some not.

4000 RPMs or higher / Cerro Noroeste Road to Hwy 166



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    Some random road east of Trinity River

    Angeles Campgrounds

    Camping Los Angeles – Angeles Crest Camping

    Angeles Crest Hwy CA 2

    campground elev spots veg toilet water notes
    Appletree Campground 6,200′ 8 pines vault piped Big Pines Hwy
    Basin Campground 3,400′ 15 CLOSED
    Bear Campground 5,200′ 15 vault no
    Big Rock Campground 5,000′ 8 vault crk sm RV, 4WD
    Blue Ridge Campground 8,000′ 8 pines vault no May-Nov, sm RV
    Buckhorn Campground 6300′ 40 pines vault no May-Nov, sm RV
    Cabin Flat Campground 5,300′ 12 vault no CLOSED
    Cienaga Campground 2,100′ 12 oaks vault no May-Dec
    Coldbrook Campground 3,350′ 22 vault piped sm RV
    Cottonwood Campground 2,600′ 22 vault no
    Guffy Campground 8,300′ 6 vault no May-Nov, 4WD
    Horse Flats Campground 5,700′ 25 pines vault no April-Nov
    Jackson Lake Campgr 6,100′ 8 pines vault summer May-Dec
    Live Oak Campground 2,000′ 7 oak CLOSED
    Manker Flats Campground 6,000′ 21 flush piped sm RV
    Messenger Flats Camp 5,500′ 10 pines vault no Corrals, April-Nov
    Millard Campground 1,900′ 5 oaks vault no Altadena, Chaney Trail
    Monte Cristo Camp 3,600′ 19 oaks vault piped RV, Hwy 2, N3
    Mount Pacifico 7,100′ 7 pines vault no May-Nov
    Mountain Oak 6,200′ 17 oak flush piped May-Nov
    Peavine Campground 6,100′ 4 vault piped Big Pines Hwy
    Prospect Campground 2,100′ 22 CLOSED
    Rocky Point Camp 3,400′ 3 vault summer
    Sage Campground 3,400′ 4 vault no Cheseboro Rd
    Sawmill Campground 5,200′ 8 vault no sm RV
    Soledad Campground 2,000′ 6 CLOSED
    South Fork 4,500′ 21 oaks vault no May-Nov, sm RV
    Spring Camp 4,700′ 3 vault no Rincon-Shortcut Route
    Spunky Campground 3,300′ 10 vault no
    Streamside Campground 2,500′ 9 vault no poison oak
    Sycamore Flats 4,200′ 11 vault summer sm RV
    Upper Shake 4,400′ 18 vault no May-Dec.
    Zuni Campground 1,700′ 10 vault no

    Chilao Campground

    tunnel angeles crest

    nearby towns –

    Angeles Maps – hiking, OHV & mountain biking –