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Sequoia trees naturally grow in the Sierra Nevada mountains, on the west side of the range. Several parks & forests make up what is known as “the Sequoias” – in the Southern Sierra, Sequoia National Forest; Giant Sequoia National Monument; Mountain Home State Forest; Central Sierra is home to Sequoia National Park & neighboring Kings Canyon NP; Sierra National Forest & Yosemite NP. Yep, all those areas have Sequoia groves!

See all the Sequoia & Redwood Groves in California!

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  • If you are searching for tallest species, the Coastal Redwoods located on the shores of Northern California, then you can find them over here – NorCal Redwoods

    Horse Canyon

    Horse Canyon Mojave

    Horse Canyon California

    Southern Sierra / Mojave Road SC 65

    Mojave Desert meets the Sierra Nevada Mountains
    North Highway 14

    North of Mojave, CA
    North of Red Rock State Park
    North of Jawbone Canyon

    South of south of US Hwy 395, south of jct Hwy 178

    backroads BLM camping desert roads hiking PCT mountain bike jeep roads primitive camp

    elevation: 3000′-7000′

    Horse Canyon is a dirt road up a high desert canyon, with joshua trees and wash outs. 7000′ elevation pinyon pine ridges above w/ PCT.

    Most would say the see a whole-lotta-nothingness out here in these deserts…. when they zoom by at 70 mph on the blacktop highway.

    at Total Escape, we beg to differ.

    Solo Driver SUV

    Intersection on Hwy 14 @ SC 65, dirt route will travel west into the mountains. Initial desert road follows Little Dixie Wash, but veers north up to Horse Canyon and the higher forested ridges.

    Horse Cyn is a scenic, desert, dirt road that becomes a rugged 4×4 trail the higher it climbs in the canyon. The route traverses a ridge line and dead ends at the old cabin; No through route, no loop. The PCT continues on to the Walker Pass @ the 178.

    The lower Horse Canyon is area quite accessible by standard truck or SUV. High clearance is recommended out on these kinda roads. Vegetation is quite sparse at first, but improves with the miles traveled. Wildflowers can be awesome, usually April-June. Picnic spots everywhere; primitive camping sites can be found out here, off the main dirt road. Please reuse existing camp sites when possible.

    wheelin pals

    Passenger cars may attempt this, but should watch for unexpected deep dips and rocks, washed out in the road. (No tow service in the middle of nowhere). Road conditions do change with the seasons out in the boonies. Cell phone reception could be spotty back in the deepest of canyons.

    PCT trail access: Pacific Crest Trail follows this ridge road for miles. They call this range the SCODIE Mountains; Old cabin at the end of the road.

    cabin mcivers

    Sage Canyon and Cow Heaven Canyon are both to the north, along with Freeman Canyon (CA SR 178). Bird Spring and Dove Spring Canyons are both to the south, along with the most popular regions of Red Rock State Park and the Jawbone OHV area.

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    Campground Lakes

    RV California / Campground Lakes / Camping Lake

    RV lake Camping

    Wanna vacation near a lake this season? So does everyone else in California.

    “Mountains” & “lakes” are the top camping destinations sought by most web surfers. Be prepared to search for your ultimate lake side camp. Summertime is prime time at all water sources, so make your reservations, or better yet – find a secluded lake all to yourself. (4×4 may be required).

    boating marina camping RV Camp boating

    Lakes area recreation & camping sites in California

    granite domes

    Sierra Nevada Lakes

    Sespe Wilderness

    Sespe Wilderness & Hiking Trails

    Los Padres National Forest
    Campgrounds & Trailheads

    Sespe Wilderness is located in theĀ mountainsĀ W of Interstate 5, North of Los Angeles. The chaparral region lies in between Lockwood Valley and the Santa Clara River Valley (Hwy 126). Higher elevation Mount Pinos lies to north side of Sespe and Ojai Valley to the south. The infamous 4×4 Miller Jeep Trail is located on the north side near Alamo Mountain, which is also accessible via Hungry Valley.

    The 2006 Day Fire burnt a good portion of the Sespe Wilderness, so you can expect to see some black and toasted areas. Sespe Creek is also referred to as Sespe River. and certain waterways may dry up during drier months. Piru Creek, Alder Creek, Aqua Blanca Creek, Tarr Creek, Mutau Creek, Snowy Creek are several worthy of note. Expect heat and high temperature in the summer & fall month, and possible campfire restrictions during extreme wildfire season.

    219,700 acres
    6 areas of hiking trails

    Los Padres National Forest
    Lockwood Ranger Station

    Sespe Trail Map

    Sespe Trails, Tom Harrison Topographic Map

    Sespe hiking trailheads located at –

    Highway 126 – Fillmore, CA
    Sespe Condor Sanctuary – Dough Flat Trailhead

    Highway 150 – Ojai, CA
    Sisar Canyon Day Hike / Road #4N15

    Highway 33 – Ojai, CA
    Rose Valley Road #6N31, Rose Valley Falls, Day Hike
    Piedras Blanca Trailhead for the National Recreation Trail
    Pine Mountain Rd # – Reyes Peak Trailhead

    Lockwood Valley Road – Frazier Park, CA
    Reyes Creek, Camp Shiedeck – Pine Mountain Trailhead
    Half Moon Mutau Flat Trailhead, Sespe Hot Springs

    Interstate 5 Tejon Pass @ Hungry Valley
    Hard Luck Trailhead



    Los Padres Campgrounds near Sespe Wilderness

    • Frazier Park Camping
    • Ojai Campgrounds
    • Twin Pines Campground, Road # 18N01
      Alamo Mountain via Hungry Valley OHV
    • Lockwood Creek Campground
    • Half Moon Campground, Lockwood #7N03
    • Thorn Meadows Campground, Lockwood #7N03
    • Dome Springs Campground, Lockwood #8N40
    • Reyes Creek Campground, Lockwood Valley Rd
    • Pine Mountain Road @ Reyes Peak (dispersed)
    • Nettle Springs Campground, Cuyama Hwy 33
    • Ozena Campground (closed)letswalk
    • Tinta Campground, Hwy 33
    • Rancho Nuevo Camp, Hwy 33
    • Rose Valley Campground, Hwy 33
    • Wheeler Gorge Campground, Hwy 33


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    Backpackers at Sespe Hot Springs