Weaverville Car Show

Lee Fong Park

Beautiful park setting @ Lee Fong Park, in historic Weaverville

Historic Weaverville’s Car Show

Weaverville Chamber of Commerce & E Clampus Vitus (ECV #62) present NorCal’s summertime CarShow in Weaverville, a highlight of the Trinity River region. This classic auto display is held at a beautiful small town location & it’s been running for years. Event festivities spread out between the SuperMarket parking lot and Lee Fong Park, near downtown Weaverville, California; Camping & fishing are superb in these forests at this time of year. Make a long weekend of it!

Enjoy raffle prizes, Clamper breakfast, raffles, vendors, VFW Tri-Tip Lunch, Music, Shuttle Service to Historic Downtown Weaverville beginning 10 am Saturday.

This auto show event may have been previously referred to as “Car Show in The Park”

Annual event; August


Trinity Alps Hiking Map

Trinity Alps Camping

Trinity Alps Wilderness Campgrounds

Our tent at site 4 at Trinity Alps Ripstein Campground

Northern California Camping
Shasta Trinity National Forest

Trinity Alps Wilderness


  • backpacking
  • camping
  • fishing spots
  • floating
  • hiking
  • hunting
  • kayaking
  • mountain biking
  • off-roading
  • soaking
  • swimming holes
  • tubing
  • stargazing
  • campgrounds near Trinity trailheads –

    camping Highway 3:

    • Horse Flat Campground, near Eagle Creek trailhead
    • Eagle Creek Campground @ Hwy, near Stoddard Lake & Eagle Creek trailhead
    • Goldfield Campground, near Boulder Creek trailhead
    • Big Flat Campground (via Coffee Creek Road #104)
    • Preacher Meadow Campground @ Hwy, near Swift Creek trailhead

    camping Highway 299:

    • Ripstein Campground, near Canyon Creek trailhead
    • Hobo Gulch Campground, on Road #34N07
    • Hayden Flat Campground, near Big French Creek & Green Mountain
    • Denny Campground, near Jim Jam Ridge, East Fork & New River; Way out west
    • Groves Prairie Campground, near Grizzly Camp trailheadtrinityalps_lg
    • Happy Camp Campground, near Grizzly Camp trailhead

    camping Highway 96:

    • Tish Tang Campground, near Tish Tang trailhead
    • Box Campground, near Red Cap Lake, Bear Hole & Mill Creek Lake
    • Klamath Riverside Campground @ Hwy, near Salmon Summit


    camping Salmon River (Cecilville Road #1C02):

    NorCal Topographic Maps – Trinity Map

    Shasta Trinity National Forest Map

    Pacific Crest Trail Map #6 (Shasta Cascades)

    Trinity Alps Wilderness Map

    outdoor destinations also nearby –

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    Trinity Alps Wilderness

    NorCal Mountains – Trinity Alps Wilderness

    Sapphire Lake -- Suicide Ridge -- Trinity Alps

    525,627 acres
    North of Weaverville & Lewiston, about 10 miles
    West of Trinity Lake & Redding, CA
    Headwaters of the Trinity River & the Salmon River

    Shasta-Trinity National Forest

    Thompson Peak – 9002′ elevation
    Trinity Mountain – 6094′
    Granite Peak – 8091′

    Trinity is NorCal’s jewel of alpine lakes and granite peaks – many above 8000′ elevation, about 40 miles inland from the ocean. Trinity is located in between the infamous redwood coast and the I-5 corridor. Rivers, creeks, lakes, and trails into the high elevations regions, bqckpackers and equestrian campers alike.

    trinityalps_lgHiking trailheads are accessed from all sides -On the east side you have Trinity Lake & Trinity River w/ Highway 3 running lengthwise in a north-south direction. Hwy 299 runs east-west along the south side of the wilderness. Klamath River Hwy 96 lies on the west side of the wilderness. Salmon River, Scott Mountains and Cecilville are north of the alps.

    Both the small Russian Wilderness & the larger Marble Mountain Wilderness are located to the north of Trinity Alps, along with rural towns near the Scott Mountains and the Salmon River. Castle Crags Wilderness is to the eastern side, near Interstate 5.

    towns nearby –


    Campgrounds near Trinity Alps Wilderness


    Trinity Alps Trailheads


    Waterfalls & Lakes near Trinity


    View Larger Map

    The mountainous area is quite unique, as exposed granite mountain peaks and alpine lakes are pretty rare in the coastal Cascade ranges. The only other spot in California that has an 8000′ peak nearing the coast is just north of Los Angeles – Los Padres’s Mount Abel & Mount Pinos peaks, both over 8000′ in elevation.



    The USDA map for Trinity Alps Wilderness was outta print for nearly 2 years and it has recently been updated and reprinted. New edition released in 2013 and now available at the Total Escape map store. Printed on waterproof map paper and updated in 2012.



    Trinity Alps Trailheads

    Trinity Alps Wilderness Trailheads
    NorCal Hiking Vacations

    Meadow on Trinity Alps Long Canyon Trail

    Northern California, Trinity Lakes
    Shasta Trinity National Forest

    • backpacking
    • camping
    • fishing lakes
    • hiking trails
    • horseback trails
    • waterfalls

    Trinity Alps Wilderness



    Trinity Wilderness trailhead locations –

    trailheads from Highway 3:

    • Scott Mountain (PCT access)
    • Bear Creek
    • Eagle Creek
    • Stoddard Lake
    • Boulder Creek
    • Big Flat
    • Swift Creektrinityalps_lg

    trailheads from Highway 299:

    • Canyon Creek
    • Hobo Gulch
    • French Creek
    • Green Mountain
    • Jim Jam Ridge
    • East Fork
    • New River
    • Grizzly Camp

    trailheads from Highway 96:

    • Tish Tang
    • Red Cap Lake
    • Bear Hole
    • Mill Creek Lake
    • Salmon Summit

    trailheads from north @ Salmon River, Cecilville Rd #1C02:

    • Hidden Horse
    • Trail Creek
    • Carter Meadows Summit (PCT access)
    • Middle Boulder

    Trinity Alps Wilderness Trail
    Overview @ SummitPost

    Trinity Alps Lakes & Waterfalls

    Trinity Wilderness Lakes & Waterfalls

    Grizzly Falls -- Trinity Alps Wilderness

    Northern California Lakes
    Shasta Trinity National Forest



    Trinity Alps Wilderness



    Lakes & Waterfalls in the Trinity Alps region –

    Canyon Creek Fallstrinityalps_lg
    Trinity Lake
    Josephine Lake
    Hidden Lake
    Caribou Lake
    Lost Lake
    Grizzly Lake
    Sapphire Lake
    Papoose Lake
    Emerald Lake
    Conway Lake
    Barker Lake
    Foster Lake
    Boulder Lake
    Cecil Lake
    Lion Lake
    Ward Lake
    Mirror Lake
    Long Gulch Lake
    Trail Gulch Lake
    Fox Creek Lake
    Red Cap Lake
    East Boulder Lake
    Middle Boulder Lake
    Big Boulder Lake
    Big Bear Lake
    Big East Fork Lake
    Little Bear Lake
    Canyon Creek Lakes


    Trinity Alps Lake