Sequoia Cabins

Sierra Cabins near Sequoia Groves

Sequoia trees naturally grow in the Sierra Nevada mountains, on the west side of the range. Several parks & forests make up what is known as “the Sequoias” – in the Southern Sierra, Sequoia National Forest; Giant Sequoia National Monument; Mountain Home State Forest; Central Sierra is home to Sequoia National Park & neighboring Kings Canyon NP; Sierra National Forest & Yosemite NP. Yep, all those areas have Sequoia groves!

See all the Sequoia & Redwood Groves in California!

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Sequoia cabin rentals

TOPO MAPS of California Redwoods –

  • Sequoia Maps by NatGeo
  • Yosemite NP Maps
  • NorCal Redwoods Map
  • If you are searching for tallest species, the Coastal Redwoods located on the shores of Northern California, then you can find them over here – NorCal Redwoods

    Camp Fires Correctly

    desert bonfires

    Deserts & beaches are the only places for bonfires.

    kill your television

    Camp Fires
    The heat source, the light source, the cook source, the sock drier, the night supplier, the outdoor LIVING ROOM. The campfire is the center stage for all entertainment, true tales and ghost stories alike.

    Since the beginning of time humans have gathered around the campfire at dark. This nightly ritual is built into us on the deepest level. We miss this today. We miss the real conversations, the community, the bonding, the stories, the soul searching. We miss the connection with nature, the fresh air and the great outdoors. The night sky filled with stars and maybe a meteor shower, a hot drink and the glow of the campfire coals. Enjoying the wilderness requires certain skills. FIRE is only ONE skill – for survival, for cooking, for warmth, for safety.

    Total Escape is dedicated to those who yearn to camp, often.

    In Certain Circles

    photo – Charlie Sweeney 2010

    Some folks cannot imagine camping without a campfire, but we better get used to it here on the West Coast. Weather patterns swing from years of super-dry drought to deluge and drenching – as we’ve seen of recent in California. Dry conditions means high wildfire dangers, tight camp stove and strict campfire restrictions.

    Each California region, National Forests and State Parks have their own fire restrictions, so call ahead to rangers for current fire conditions on the place you wish to visit. Certain mountain locations will ban fires in the back country, fires on the back roads and sometimes in extreme conditions, no fires allowed even inside a developed campground.

    Campfire Basics

    Campfire Restrictions


    California is well known for its unforgiving drought conditions and its seasonal wildfire danger. Always know the fire conditions in the area you plan to camp. Most Southern California regions have banned ‘open campfires’ in forested areas, due to wildfire threat and population density. Call ahead to get an update on road closures and current campfire restrictions. Find California BLM offices & NFS ranger stations

    Campfire Permits

    If you plan on camping outside of a developed campground, you will need to get a free “camp fire permit”, which can be obtained at the local rangers office.

    Find more on FREE camp fire permits


    California Camp Fires

    • RULE # 1 – Never leave a campfire unattended
    • Build campfires in designated rings. Always try to use an existing ring when possible. If you must build a new rock fire ring, follow the guide on FireSafe
    • You will need water source & bucket, plus a decent shovel for building, maintaining and controlling a campfire. BRING enough water & tools with you to control a fire.
    • A ten foot clearance – all around, down to the bare dirt is the best practice. No brush close to the ring, no bushes, no leaves or pine needles. No dry over-hanging tree branches.
    • You might need to clean trash out of the fire pit, so bring heavy duty trash bags, or a spare old box. Shovel comes in handy here.
    • Kindling is key to getting a good fire going fast, so gather more of the small stuff. Wood gathering away from camp is usually better pickens.
    • Use environmentally friendly fire starters (with damp wood, if you must); not the BBQ lighter fluid or gasoline
    • Building fires up against a big boulder scars them w/ black soot, and although it can reflect heat back to you, it is seldom worth the unsightly damage
    • Bring chainsaws or hand saws for cutting your own campfire wood in the forest
    • Gathering wood for fuel — use only dead and down wood
    • A ranger issued “wood cutting permit” is required if you plan on cutting a full cord
    • Firewood page – buying locally, in California
    • Never burn plastics, batteries or other toxic materials in campfires
    • Tossing beer bottle caps into a campfire only litters site for future campers
    • While glass bottle smelting is a real treat among boys at night, which one is actually gonna get their hands dirty & clean up broken glass out of the campfire the following morning?
    • Do not leave any hot coals during the day (if you are away from camp). Winds could pick up.
    • Always douse campfire with water completely when breaking camp. Stir it, feel for heat, and drown it more if you hear sizzling or see bubbling.
    • Read more wild fire / campfire info on our FireSafe page

    Drown Fires

    Last Final Step

    The Final Step of Breaking Camp


    Campfire Pits & Fire Containers

    Campfire Pits & Fire Containers

    Stormproof LIghters

    Stormproof Lighters

    Group Campgrounds Eastern Sierra


    Group Campgrounds in Inyo National Forest camping


    campground elev spots veg toilet water notes
    Agnew Meadow Horse Camp 8400′ 4 pines chem piped Group & Equestrian
    Aspen Group 8100′ 4 aspen flush piped Rock Creek
    Big Pine Canyon Group 7600′ 1 pines vault piped W of Big Pine; May-Oct
    Bishop Park Group 7500′ 21 oaks flush piped Group Camping; May-Oct
    Fossil Group Camp 7220′ 11 pines vault no Hwy 168; E of Big Pine
    Juniper Group Camp 7000′ 5 juniper vault piped Hwy 168; E of Big Pine
    Obsidian Flat Group 6000′ 50 pines vault no Group Camp Mammoth
    Pumice Flat Group 7700′ 17 pines flush piped June-Sept; Mammoth
    Rock Creek Lake Group 7600′ 1 aspen flush piped Group Camping; May-Oct

    see regular Campgrounds – Inyo National Forest


    Obsidian near Hwy 395 & Mammoth

    Eastern Sierra Obsidian near US Hwy 395 & Mammoth Lakes, California

    Eastern Sierra maps –

    Topo maps, wilderness hiking maps, fishing maps
    Equestrian trails, 4×4 routes, OHV maps –

    lake mary


    Bishop Creek near Aspendell, CA

    Wishon Reservoir

    Lake Wishon – Sierra NF

    Western Sierra Nevada Lake
    Central Sierra California

    lake wishon

    East of Fresno, CA
    East of Shaver Lake

    EB from Fresno, Hwy 168 up to Shaver, w/ another 30+ miles on paved backroads
    (Dinkey Creek Rd & then McKinley Grove Rd)
    Way, way back, beyond Dinkey

    You gotta really wanna BE at places like this. Magical High Sierra mountains – California’s finest. Sheer beauty surrounds this lake w/ granite domes, granite cliffs, granite trails, forests, peaks and plenty hiking, fishing, water and boating. It does take planning (way ahead) to make it out here, cuz the area is only accessible during summer months. Typical of high altitude lakes, snow buries them annually and the roads get closed off to the public (usually NOV-MAY is winter). Some backcountry routes become snowmobiling trails during winter, and the Sierra National Forest has plenty of great snomo action (if snow is deep).

    Wishon Lake, California
    elevation: 6600′

    High Sierra Granite Reservoir with pines trees and rocky, granite shoreline. Not nearly as amazing as its cousin w/ the domes to the north, Courtright, Wishon has less granite & less wind, but more accessible backroads to explore, plus more car camping options. Both lakes are part of the Helms Creek hydro-electric project (dams) that make up the PG&E water infrastructure out in these parts – The Kings River Drainage System.

    Backpacker trailheads, Woodchuck, Rancheria & Crown Valley all lead to dead end dirt roads – with nothing but solitude for miles & miles. Some might be passenger car accessible. Winter weather changes dirt road conditions (often).

    The Kings River Geological Area is nearby, as well as both the John Muir Wilderness & Dinkey Lakes Wilderness.

    Wishon Sierra Nevada

    Large Reservoir with 8,000-10,000′ high sierra mountain peaks surrounding. Pine forests, views, fishing, camping, hiking in every direction, secluded dirt roads. Perfect high elevation trailheads, next to John Muir Wilderness. Great for backpackers!

    All boating, but no waterski or jet ski.
    One public boat ramp. Fishing boat rentals available.

    WARNING: Water level changes daily.

    lake area recreation:

    Campground Camping
    Dinkey Lakes Wilderness
    Horse Pack Trips
    John Muir Wilderness
    Mountain Biking
    Primitive Camping
    Sierra National Forest
    Snowmobiling the Sierras
    Spanish Lake 4×4 Route


    Wishon is a summer vacation paradise for trout fishing, hiking, backpacking and back road exploring.

    CLOSED FOR WINTER: NOV-APRIL = Snow closes the road for winter. For all you hardcore campers and hikers, you must call ahead to see if roads are open. It is rural forest, well traveled, but snow storms will shut everything down out here (for many months). Although, in some mild winters you can drive as far as Dinkey Creek on pavement. Gates are locked beyond that.

    Central Sierra Wishon Lake Camping

    LilyPad Campground @ Wishon Lake

    Upper Kings Group Campground (by reservation only)

    helpful numbers:

    High Sierra Rangers Office: 559-855-5355
    Pineridge and Kings River Ranger Districts
    29688 Auberry Road, Prather, CA 93651

    Dinkey Creek Ranger Station
    (June thru September)

    Wishon Village RV
    66500 McKinley Grove Road, Shaver Lake, CA 93664


    Other places nearby

    Black Rock Lake
    Sierra Forest Road #11S12
    Courtright Lake
    Dusy Ershim 4×4 Trail

    Dinkey Creek Campground
    Dorabelle Campground
    Gigantea Campground
    McKinley Sequoia Grove
    Sawmill Campground (dirt road)

    Free, primitive or open camping abundant on the dirt backroads in Sierra National Forest. 4 wheel drive is not required for most routes, but a high clearance rig would help. Some gravel roads are graded annually and suitable for passenger cars – during summer months and only for about the first mile or two, off of the main road (pavement). Mud and snow are common on backroads!

    Aspens @ Wishon, Western Sierra
    nearby towns:
    Fresno, CA
    Huntington Lake
    Pine Flat
    Shaver Lake

    Sierra National Forest Map
    Sierra National Forest Map
    Dinkey Lakes Map
    Dinkey Lakes Map
    John Muir Wilderness Trail Maps Sierra Nevada Topo Map

    Wilderness Wishon California

    wish on

    NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH: Wishon Sequoia
    There is another popular camp spot called Wishon, on the Western Divide Highway, much further south in the Sequoia. Wishon Campground on the Tule River in the Giant Sequoia National Monument. Just up from Springville, CA. And Bass Lake Wishon; there is another WISHON Campground at popular Bass Lake, South of Yosemite NP.

    2N93 – San Berdu NF

    Big Bear Dirt Roads

    2N93 – Wildhorse Meadows

    Heart Bar to Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino National Forest

    Big Bear Back Roads
    Highway 38, East of Heart Bar @ 1N02
    Southern California

    alt big bear

    This 8 mile long forested, dirt road begins right off Hwy 38, just east of Heart Bar Campground and is an easy turn to miss. The unimproved route heads north through the National Forest, up and over and around SugarLoaf Mountain (elev 9952′), then down to the Big Bear Lake region. Several primitive sites – yellow post camp sites – can be found way back in here, but you might NOT be able to have a campfire (depending on fire restrictions). Check w/ local rangers before you head out.

    snow Forest roads are often closed (gated) during the winter, when snow and rain make a muddy mess of the terrain. Rock slides are also common in wetter months. Call the local rangers to inquire on road conditions or if this route is open.

    Road 2N93

    The whole Big Bear Mountain area is a SoCal favorite forest destination, for weekenders and travelers alike. Mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, camping and 4-wheeling. Plus the recreational lake is full of more water recreation w/ tourist shops and restaurants. Stay away from the crowds and take the back roads for adventure and recreation.


    On the south side –

    Big Bear Highway 38
    Heart Bar Campground
    Heart Bar Equestrian Camp
    San Gorgonio Wilderness

    On the north side –

    Green Spot Equestrian Campground
    Green Canyon Group Campground

    SugarLoaf Mountain has a National Recreation Trail, overlooking much of the Moonridge golf & ski area.

    San Bernardino National Forest

    Big Bear Rangers:

    San Gorgonio District
    Mentone CA

    Barton Flats District
    Barton Flats CA

    Big Bear Discovery Center

    Big Bear Maps
    San Bernardino National Forest Map

    nearby towns:
    Angeles Oaks
    Big Bear City
    Big Bear Lake
    Forest Falls
    Mentone, CA

    Big Bear OffRoad Areas

    Views to Big Bear Lake