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Davis Lake Free Camping

Crocker Camp Lake Davis

Crocker Campground
Crocker Guard Station

Plumas Forest Rd #24N06
Crocker Mountain Rd @ Beckwourth-Genesse Rd

Seldom used, but often loved. This old camp used to be a California Conservation Corps (CCC) camp, during the construction of Lake Davis in 1966. Situated next to a big meadow w/ ancient lava flows up hill, the small campground hugs a wooded hillside above the freshly paved Beckwourth-Genesse Road #111

Lake Davis Recreation Area

Plumas National Forest
Beckwourth Ranger District

If choosing to enter camp from the lake side, take Crocker Mountain Rd. / Plumas Forest Rd #24N06, up from Grizzly Road #112. This area is a north turn off Hwy 89, in between Beckwourth and Portola, CA

Access from the paved (east) side is via Beckwourth-Genesse Road #111. Adventurous camper trucks trailers or small RVs may attempt this dirt hillside campground, but roots and rocks and erosion are abundant in the upper portion of the camp, so be warned.

The minimal aspen grove at nearby Crocker Guard Station makes for a nice back drop, but there are no aspens at camp. Please note: you cannot see Lake Davis from this side of the hill. This primitive campground is located on a forested, volcanic hillside facing east; Dirt road entry, vault toilet w/ minimal facilities. No paved campsite loop here!

Numerous unmarked foot trails lead out to the meadows edge, up lava ridges or into the forest behind the aspens. Crocker Guard Station is a very short walk; and now available for rent from the NFS w/ reservation link below.

Crocker Campground
• Elevation: 5600′
• Number of Sites: 10
• Vehicle Accessibility: Small RV
• Campsites Reservation: No
• Camp Fee: No
• Length of Stay: 14 Days
• Season: May – November
• Trailheads: Crocker Meadow Loop

Crocker Campground


Crocker Guard Station

Set back off the main road, this historic, two story cabin with wood siding and small front porch has meadows and aspen groves surrounding it. Crocker Guard Station was built in 1912 as a home for Forest Service personnel, and was later staffed as a fire station until the 1980s.

lava campsites

Crocker Mountain is popular for deer hunting, mountain biking, as well as off-road travel.

Lake Davis is about 5 miles away from this small campground, to the west. From Crocker Camp to Lake Davis (the most direct way) is a one lane, graded dirt road – Plumas Forest Rd #24N06.

The paved way over to the lake will be triple the distance – and you’ll need to go back to the highway.

View East from Davis

Crocker Mountain @ Lake Davis, California

Trinity Alps Camping

Trinity Alps Wilderness Campgrounds

Our tent at site 4 at Trinity Alps Ripstein Campground

Northern California Camping
Shasta Trinity National Forest

Trinity Alps Wilderness


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  • campgrounds near Trinity trailheads –

    camping Highway 3:

    • Horse Flat Campground, near Eagle Creek trailhead
    • Eagle Creek Campground @ Hwy, near Stoddard Lake & Eagle Creek trailhead
    • Goldfield Campground, near Boulder Creek trailhead
    • Big Flat Campground (via Coffee Creek Road #104)
    • Preacher Meadow Campground @ Hwy, near Swift Creek trailhead

    camping Highway 299:

    • Ripstein Campground, near Canyon Creek trailhead
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    camping Highway 96:

    • Tish Tang Campground, near Tish Tang trailhead
    • Box Campground, near Red Cap Lake, Bear Hole & Mill Creek Lake
    • Klamath Riverside Campground @ Hwy, near Salmon Summit


    camping Salmon River (Cecilville Road #1C02):

    NorCal Topographic Maps – Trinity Map

    Shasta Trinity National Forest Map

    Pacific Crest Trail Map #6 (Shasta Cascades)

    Trinity Alps Wilderness Map

    outdoor destinations also nearby –

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    California Elevations

    I-80 Donner Pass

    high altitude towns    well above sea level


    The majority of California cities are located near sea level, with low lying farmlands and populated coastlines common throughout world geography. California has super diversity w/ the population as well as the elevation. Vast rugged deserts bordering Nevada, from high deserts (8000′ @ Bodie ghost town) to low deserts (below sea level for Mecca) near the Salton Sea.  The golden state is also home to the highest and lowest point within the lower 48 and those points are only about 100 miles apart – Death Valley  (-282′ elev) and  Mount Whitney  (14,494′ elev).

    High elevation mountain towns w/ pine forest are primarily located in the Sierra Nevada range which runs the backbone of California in a north-south direction,  separating the Pacific Ocean from the Great Basin. Mountain communities in Southern California includes places like Mount Laguna, Palomar, Big Bear, Arrowhead, Idyllwild and Mount Pinos.

    The coastal range and the Sierra Nevadas encompasses most of Central California. Northern California by nature has generally higher elevation destinations and plenty off space to explore. Secluded forests, rivers, creeks, lakes, and reservoirs can be found above 4000′ elevation, north of Sacramento.

    California Elevation Breakdown

    • Alpine lakes, streams, pine forests, mountain peaks, granite scenery is abundant above 6000′ elev.
    • Pinyon pine forests, junipers, sage chaparral, joshua trees can be found between 3000-5000′
    • Hot Springs, creek canyons and cottonwoods are usually discovered above 2000′ elev.
    • Oak hills, ghost pines, creek beds, river canyons generally range from 1000-3000′
    • Under 1000′ elevation is the majority of the populated cities and towns within California


    Mecca Hills

    GoogleMaps – groundbreaking tool for trip planning and checking out trailheads, camps and dirt roads from overhead

    USGS Viewer – topographic overlays for altitude estimates, and various imagery

    Mountain Peaks in California

    SoCal Peaks above 10,000′ elevation

    100 Highest Peaks inside California

    California’s Highest Points by County

    California Elevations Map


    Snow is always a factor in high altitude towns with road conditions being unpredictable with each mountain range and each micro-climate. Winter months range from October to May, so be warned. Carry tire chains or have 4×4 to travel safely.

    list of California towns
    by elevation


    Rainbow Lodge California

    Lassen Camping

    Hat Creek Campground

    Camping near Lassen Park

    Lassen River CampPlenty of great dispersed camping along the old logging roads in this Lassen area, surrounding the Volcanic National Park in California. Many dirt roads are graded annually to allow for passenger car access. You can make it way back there in a car – just watch for the mud!

    lassen maps

    Camp fire permits required & please try to choose a camp that has been used before. Hint: a Lassen National Forest Map is very helpful when camping these remote, Lassen back roads. Stay away from the crowds & enjoy your vacation.

    Camp right on a rushing river, alone. With no one in sight or sound. Have that secluded camping experince you’ve always dreamed about. Fishing, relaxing, maybe some hiking too. Or better, your mountain bike. Plenty forest roads to explore. Numerous waterfalls to discover. This Northern California region is covered with pine forests and volcanic history.

    Cool Springs PGE

    Cool Springs @ Butt Lake, California
    (PG&E Campground)

    is our guide to all camping and campgrounds
    in Lassen Forest, Parks and nearby towns


    If you wanna find the nearest biker bar, head over to the rustic and forested Bambi Inn @ Butte Meadows. The place is popular all the time, especially on weekends. Scenic day drive from Chico, located near a nice river and bridge, plus they have cabin rentals too. Sometimes they have big events and it can get pretty crowded and loud w/ drinking and outdoor music.

    BSA – Camp Lassen is a boy scout camp located E of Chico off Highway 32 near Butte Meadows, CA

    Dispersed Camp sites in Lassen in Lake Almanor Area

    campground elev. spots veg toilet water notes
    Alder Creek Campground 3900′ 6 pines vault creek March-Nov
    Benner Creek Campground 5562′ 9 pines vault creek May-Nov
    Black Rock Campground 2100′ 6 pines vault creek year round, fish
    Echo Lake Campground 6440′ disp pines lake May-Nov, no tables
    Soldier Creek Campground 4890′ disp pines vault creek May-Nov, fall hunters
    South Antelope Campground 2700′ 4 pines vault creek year round
    Willow Lake Campground disp pines lake May-Nov, no tables

    Lassen Area Maps –

    Lassen Towns –

    Stanislaus Campgrounds

    Stanislaus Camping / Sonora Pass Camping


    Campgrounds inside Stanislaus National Forest

    Hwy 4, Stanislaus National Forest Camping

    campground elev spots veg toilet water notes
    Big Meadow Campground 6200′ 30 pines flush piped Hi Sierra; no RV hookups
    Bloomfield Campground 7800′ 20 pines vault pump Mokelumne River fishing
    Board’s Crossing Camp 3800′ 5 pines vault creek Stanislaus River fishing
    Hermit Valley Campground 7100′ 8 pines vault creek June-Oct
    Lake Alpine Campground 7300′ 25 pines flush piped June-Oct
    Mosquito Lakes Camp 8260′ 8 pines vault lake Sierra river fishing
    Pacific Valley Campground 7600′ 9 pines vault no meadow, June-Oct
    Sand Flat Campground 5900′ 6 pines vault creek 4WD camp, June-Oct
    Silvertip Campground 7300′ 23 pines flush piped June-Oct
    Silver Valley Campground 7400′ 21 pines flush piped June-Oct
    Stanislaus River Campground 6200′ 25 pines vault pump Sierra river fishing

    Hwy 120, Groveland Yosemite Camping

    campground elev spots veg toilet water notes
    Lost Claim Campground 3100′ 10 pines vault pump May-Sep
    Lumsden Campground 1500′ 11 mixed vault creek Tuolumne River fishing
    Lumsden Bridge Camp 1500′ 9 mixed vault creek Tuolumne River fishing
    South Fork Campground 1500′ 8 vault creek Tuolumne River fishing

    Hwy 108, Sonora Pass Camping Stanislaus

    campground elev spots veg toilet water notes
    Crandall OHV Camp 5000′ disp no no May-Oct
    Dardanelle RV Park & Cabins 5700′ park pines flush piped 209-965-4355
    Boulder Flat Campground 5600′ 20 pines vault piped Stanislaus River
    Cascade Creek Campground 6000′ 12 pines vault creek May-Oct
    Deadman Campground 6200′ 17 pines vault piped Stanislaus River fishing
    Herring Creek Campground 7350′ 7 pines pit creek May-Oct
    Mill Creek Campground 6200′ 19 pines vault creek May-Oct
    Niagara Creek Campground 6600′ 10 pines vault creek May-Oct
    Niagara Creek OHV Camp 6600′ 10 pines vault creek 4×4 camps, May-Oct
    Sand Bar Flat Campground 3000′ 10 pines vault piped Stanislaus River fishing
    Trout Creek Campground 5400′ disp. chem creek equestrian, May-Oct


    see also
    Calaveras Big Trees State Park

    Calaveras Big Trees

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