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You'll often hear the camping gay guys exclaim " Geesh. I look like hell" Which is usually followed by, "but I am having such a good time this weekend". Yep, I hear ya sister! Who cares what you look like? As long as you are enjoying nature & breathing fresh air, that is all that matters.

The visions of a typical "Mountain Man" has changed drastically in the last several decades. Pioneer types, Hunters, Fishermen. We used to think of a Grizzly Adams guy with long hair, un-shaven, dry skin & maybe even white cracked lips. Now-a-days it's all about the polished look: Healthy people everywhere. The magazine covers with extremely fit hunks rock climbing with the gorgeous skin, great clothes & the best gear.

Media tends to glorify it all. It misleads the general public into a 'Barbie style vision' of what back country, wilderness & camping will be like. Most get into the outdoors with little or no education on 'outdoor hygiene'. This is what we're here for. To answer all them embarrassing questions you never had the nerve to ask.

Camp Clean & Hygiene

We've got the remedies for some physical discomforts many experience while enjoying life outdoors. In the last several years, with new products surfacing daily, there is no excuse not to be comfortable out in the wild. Much of this technique is simply being informed or packing well. Anyone can take advantage of enjoying the mother nature... comfortably & prepared.

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