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sleeping - snore, snort or hiss
If anyone has told you that you snore, you probably do to one extent or another. Be a courteous camper & ask if their are any 'light sleepers' setting up a tent next to you. Just cuz you sleep like a log, doesn't mean everyone else does. Peace & quiet is what most of us desire at camp. Making tent distance is always the best solution. Snore Strips can help in certain situations.
Real Women Camp:
If you are the kinda girly girl who needs her cosmetics everyday to survive, try to keep the face paint to a bare minimum in the outdoors.
Lipstick & eye liner are the 2 items that will pack easy. Less is better for you & the people waiting on you in the morning. See more in the Female Section.
Admit it, everyone loves a good burp. It feels good to your body. The 'louder the better' in certain circles of friends. You are out in the wild & this is the time to cut loose. It's time to break free & forget most table manners, unless of course, you are camping with your grandma. Just make sure your breath is not any indictaion of what's going on inside your sad stomach. Bring some mints & mouthwash.
body odor
Make sure you don't forget that under arm deodorant or all your camping pals will be avoiding you & your vehicle. Jump in a cold creek if it gets too unbearable. Plenty travel size brands of anti-perspirant are available at Target, Walmart, Sav-On or Rite Aid. And this is no time to start experimenting with new brands. Go with what you know works.
passing gas
Do yourself & others a favor, if you are known for your toxic smells, then don't share a tent with someone. You may end up loosing friends over this problem, if you subject them to it more than a few times. Good old farting & farting noises....Most camp outs wouldn't be the same without it. Guys seem to love this kinda humor & attention when doing male bonding with others. Most girls will find it unbearable if the joke repeats one too many times.
Watch you diet on camp outs for beans, chili & milk products -- if you have a new romantic interest in your life & wanna make a good impression. BeanO could possibly help in certain bad situations.
camp clean

Everyone has their own version of what clean is. Push your limits, be prepared for bathing near a creek, or soaking in a hot springs, whatever nature throws your way. Just make sure to enjoy!
Look under our Skin page for tips on keeping yourself clean while spending large amounts of time outdoors.

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sex outdoors
see male or female section
If you are a fanatic about your new LLBean clothing, you may wanna invest in some emergency stain remover wipes. Just in case the mustard spurts, you sit in the fresh green grass, or spill some red wine.

vehicle cleanliness

Let's face it folks.. people are more likely to be your passenger if you have a clean car. If you have, CD cases, books, maps, GPS, cell phone, cords plus week old fast food cups floating about on the floorboard, chances are freinds will have trouble finding a place for their feet.

If you would like to start off your road trip feeling good about your travels, then start with your car. Spend an extra hour, cleaning or straighten up that thing you will be living in out of -- for the next few weeks. And check your fluids, wiper blades, etc. Duh!
Check out the SUV, Must have Maps & BackRoads pages.
safety & injury
We hope that safety is part of you camping habits. Everyone should have basic safety items in their camping gear: emergency blanket, flashlights, whistle, water, and the first aid kit. See Skin for more on ointments.

Sore feet? Try something new for a change. Hiking boots getting old? Put a new spring in your step with some Sport Soles.

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