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Camping can be an amazing experience if you know how to get away from the crowds; check the weather & come prepared.

HEADLIGHTS FOR CAMPING Imagine watching a meteor shower while lying out on an 8" thick air mattress next to your private hot springs pool in a secluded palm oasis in Baja California. A mild 60 degree desert night with a slight cool breeze. It sounds to good to be true? Think again.

You got your full belly from dinner, good friends around you, a warm campfire, some lip balm & a glass of wine. Close to perfection as can get. SLEEPING BAGS

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With all the new camp gear inventions, plus all the high tech gadgets over the past decade, camping is sure to be way easier than it was when you were a child. Stop those excuses & start looking around. Experience life outdoors more often & be comfortable doing so.

Visiting nature is a very rewarding experience. It is a spritual experience to be able to bond with the earth & self reflect while gazing at a perfect landscape. It is us being one with the land. Making you realize this, is not our job, but we can help make it way more feasible!

Proper gear for various seasons will have you enjoying the outdoors all year long. Why wait for the summertime when all the crowds are out? Moonlight hikes in the desert, mountain biking local forest & star gazing all await you.

From inflatable mattresses to LED headlamps; tent heaters to portable johns; It's all just a matter of how full you can pack that SUV.

CAMP COMFORTS Weather is something we cannot control, but us Californians do have it pretty easy. Let's concentrate on the stuff we can contain.

Think of the things that make you most uncomfortable in the wilderness. It's not the occasional ugly bug or ferocious wildlife, but it's the small personal things that add up. Break it down it down into 3 categories:

your basic concerns:


Temperatures can vary dramatically out in the back country... be prepared for:

cold -

  • Bring enough clothing for a variety of temperatures.
  • A good 0 or 20 degree sleeping bag is well worth the cash you will spend on it.
  • Tent heaters are the latest invention to keep you super comfy inside.
  • Firewood dealers all over California can sell you a way better deal than those grocery store bundles.

wind -

have enough stakes & twine to tie your tent down properly in windy conditions. If you can, park you vehicle to block most of the wind.

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