foghy coastal California

Late spring in California is a wondrous time of year for getting out and exploring. Thousands of prime hiking trails and camp spots, coupled with relatively mild weather throughout the state, should insure that your 'to see' list is long. Total Escape is stuffed full of weekend getaways and your 'excuses for not leaving the couch' list should be all but dried up.

However, for those of us dwelling in the coastal regions of our great state, spring isn't all it is cracked up to be. I'm talking about the dreaded marine layer fog, more affectionately referred to as 'June Gloom' or 'May Gray'. This weather pattern can even last into July and August!

The hotter it is inland, the more likely the beach will be cloudy. Advection fog occurs when warm, land air moves out over cool, ocean water. The cold, California Current and upwelling produce cool, moist marine layers that blanket the entire coastline up and down the state. San Francisco is notorious for its dense fog.


Many tourists and newcomers in California expect warm summers with plenty of sunshine, only to be disapponited by dreaded cloudy overcast days. April was warm, but May is grey. It can be annoying, but why wait it out at the beach? ... just head east to catch some rays.

If you're like most folks who prefer the bright, warm sunshine to the gray, cold mist of a heavy marine layer, you might want to head inland! In most places throughout the state it is warm & the sun is shining and very warm inland by June. It only takes only a few miles of eastward travel to lose the gloom and be basking in the warmth of yet another classic California day.

Camping season is warming up and the crowds are pretty sparse at the start of the season.

Usal Beach Foggy

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