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Sequoia Primitive Camps

Sequoia Parks

Want a real great weekend escape?
Visit a beautiful lush pine forest.
Don't wanna deal with crowds?
Want it close by?

hiking California

Real Seclusion?

Enjoy the wilderness areas of the nearby Sequoias. The Sequoia National Park & Kern River area gets the most visitors, but the backwoods of Sequoia National Forest nearby get suprisingly overlooked by many.

The National Forest lands in this area are full of old logging roads, a lush variety of pines, flowing creeks & waterfalls. You will find plenty of remote forest for your privacy needs. Grab a hammock or just a blanket & head for that shady cedar grove. Nap in a scenic meadow after a picnic. Bring the mountain bikes for exploring. Most of all, just get away & relax.


What to Do?

 Activities Area
mountain biking Sequoia NationalForest
cabin rentals Sequoia & Kings Cyn. National Park
horseback riding Sequoia NationalForest & Park
snowmobiling N. Sequoia National Forest
snowskiing - xc & alpine Sequoia National Forest & Park
rockclimbing The Needles & Dome Rock - Sequoia NF
primitive camping Sequoia National Forest
small campgrounds Sequoia National Forest
Lake Hume N. Sequoia National Forest
Lake Isabella S. Sequoia National Forest
backpacking all over all
river rafting Sequoia NF - Kern River & Kaweah River

sierra nevada mountains

Lake Hume
Beautiful small Sierra lake surrounded by pine trees & mountains.
Located off Hwy. 180 approx. 60 miles east of Fresno,
in the North portion of the Sequoia National Forest between Kings Cyn & Sequoia National Parks.
  • Fishing
  • Boating (no motors)
  • Kayak
  • Sail
Lake Isabella
Large reservoir where the Kern River detours. Rolling hills of oak trees with communities surrounding.
Located off Hwy. 158 approx. 30 miles east of Bakerfield, in the South portion of the Sequoia National Forest .
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Jet Ski
  • Sail
  • Windsurf

Backcountry Lakes

Lots of small Sierra lakes are within the Sequoia & Kings Cyn. National Park, Most can be reached by backpacking or horse back. Get good backcountry maps to get a better idea of where these are located.

Kern River

The wild & scenic Kern River carves out this oak lined canyon. The winding roads travels from Lake Isabella north along the river which is lined with camping. Lots to do around these here parts!

Cruise up the Kern

 Sequoia Groves

Best Drive

When you are headed to the Sequoias - they are located on the western side of the Sierra Nevada range, running parallel to the smoggy Central Valley. Drive at night & beat the 100 degree heat. Take off after work & after the traffic dies down Friday night. Get good directions to where your destination & take your time. The drive north is only a few hours from Los Angeles.

From L.A. ---- 3.5 hrs.- S. Sequoia National Forest : Kern River

I-5 N; Hwy.99, exit Bakersfield, Hwy. 178 to Lake Isabella; exit Hwy. 155 to Wofford Heights & then up to Kernville

From L.A. ---- 4.5 hrs.- Sequoia & Kings Cyn. National Park; N. Sequoia National Forest

north entrance- I-5 N; Hwy.99, exit Visalia Hwy.198 & take a right then a left onto Hwy.63 N, @ Hwy. 180 go east to Kings / Sequoia National Park entrance

south entrance- I-5 N; Hwy.99, exit Visalia Hwy.198 & take it up mounatin into Three Rivers & Sequoia National Park entrance.

California Sequoias

Campers Paradise

secluded camping

Area surrounding the Sequoia & Kings National Parks. Granite faces, cedar forest near the raging rivers, this Sierra wonderland offers it all. From rugged backpacker high country to primitive car camping. Horse corral camps & small family style campgrounds. Explore the backroads & live a little.

Small campgrounds are located throughout the National Forest. Primitive campsites are fr those self sufficiemnt campers who want free camping with more remote and private camping in secluded areas check the Sequoia backroads and a campfire permit is required.

California National Parks

Sequoia National Forest

meadows for camping

photos of California
Sequoia Photos

Sequoia National Forest

Area surrounding the Sequoia & Kings Cyn. National Parks.
A wide variety of outdoor activities is awaiting you.

From the rolling hills of oaks near the Kern River in the Southern section to the granite, cedar forest near the Parks boundaries of the North, this forest offers a variety of terrain. This area allows primitive car camping without a campground as long as you obtain a free campfire permit. Plenty of small dirt back roads meander through the remote pine forest

Sightseeing options:

  • Southern most Sequoia Grove
    "Trail of 100 Giants"
  • Deep granite Kern River Gorge
  • Granite spires called the Needles
  • Spectacular views from Dome Rock
  • Sugarloaf - Ridge w/ views of Kern Valley
Sequoia Hike

California hikes

Sequoia National Park

sierra hikes

Home of the largest living things on earth. These ancient trees are located in groves throughout the park.

Dense lush forest filled with ferns & pines, as well as a variety of other types of trees, make this area a campers & hikers dream. See raging waterfalls, flowing creeks & rivers, the crystal cave, & go horseback riding all in one weekend.

Sightseeing options:

  • Falls
  • Crystal Cave
  • Grant Grove
  • Sherman Grove
  • Lost Grove

Sequoia National Park


redwood forests

Kings Canyon National Park

Quite different than its neighbor, the Sequoia National Park, this drier rugged canyon has a lot of oak terrain as well as some pines & cedars. It is a dead end road & perfect for backpackers who want to have easy access to the backcountry. Matter of fact, most of this park is just that, wilderness. One one highway enters the park & doesn't loop around to any other destinations.

Sightseeing options:

  • Grizzly Falls
  • Rushing River Falls
  • Boyden Cavern
  • Kings River

Kings Canyon National Park

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Giant TreesAncient Sequoia, the largest living trees on earth, are burning in wildfires and falling over from severe winds. From the Kern River to Yosemite National Park, we are witnessing epic changes in our cherished Sequoia groves. Giants that have stood the test of time, for thousands of years - right here on the West Coast - are now vulnerable to our changing weather patterns. The droughts, the bark beetles, more lightning, bigger fires, and stronger winds. Coastal redwoods and Joshua trees have also been impacted by recent wildfires. If you haven't already, go see and experience these monumental trees, while they are still around.


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