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nf.san bernardino

Big Bear Boulders
san jacinto
Near Peak of Mount San Jacinto
PCT mapsPacific Crest Trail Map

PCT Idyllwild
PCT Big Bear
Hiking SoCal

Desert Country Mountain
high desert terrain on eastern slopes facing Victor Vlly sage brush meadows, pinyon pine trees & horses pine forest & alpine lakes, ski resorts
big bear idyllwild

Big Bear Area Maps

nearby cities & towns terrain lodging
Angelus Oaks CA mountain Angelus Oaks
Arrowbear CA mountain Arrowbear
Big Bear Lake mountain Big Bear Lake
Crestline CA mountain Crestline
Forest Falls CA mountain Forest Falls
Green Valley Lake mountain Green Valley Lake
Hemet CA country Hemet
Idyllwild CA mountain Idyllwild
Lake Arrowhead mountain Lake Arrowhead
Palm Desert CA desert Palm Desert
Palm Springs desert Palm Springs
Pine Cove CA mountain Pine Cove
Pioneertown CA desert Pioneertown
Riverside CA city Riverside
Running Springs mountain Running Springs
San Bernardino city San Bernardino
Sky Forest CA mountain Sky Forest
Wilderness around San Berdu forest:
Wilderness Area Acres Maps
San Gorgonio Wilderness 58,669 Hiking Map
San Jacinto Wilderness 33,408 Hiking Map
Santa Rosa Wilderness 19,803 ???

San Bernardino Ranger Stations:
Forest Headquarters
San Bernardino CA
Arrowhead District
Rimforest CA
Big Bear District
Fawnskin CA
Cajon District
Lytle Creek CA
San Gorgonio District
Mentone CA
Barton Flats District
Barton Flats CA
San Jacinto District
Idyllwild CA
Mojave River Forks
Regional Park
California Desert District
Riverside CA
BLM Mojave Desert
Palm Springs
San Jacinto Peak
Santa Rosa NM
Palm Desert CA
San Berdu NF
government web site

Big Bear / Idyllwild Backpacking

  • fire permits are required
  • permits are required for overnight back country camping
  • check with the correct ranger district for all back country camping restrictions

Trail head parking spots located at:

Pacific Crest Trail Association

Wilderness Area Maps
San Gorgonio Map
San Jacinto Map
Santa Rosa Map(?)

Deep Creek

Big Bear & Idyllwild Backroads

This place has got what you need to escape from the urban grind. Get that 4x4 truck, Jeep or SUV dirty & explore the hundreds of miles of dirt roads. From mild to wild! It's all here in SoCal.

OHV ( Off highway vehicle) areas - In Big Bear region you are likely to experience busy trail conditons on some of the most popular runs like "John Bull"; "Holcomb Creek" & "Deep Creek". Keep your eyes peeled for motorcycles & quads at all times, as this is a very well used area.

Plenty loop trails & day trips can be planned if you have the correct NFS maps (see to the right). 4 wheel drive only may be required for some routes, but most forest dirt roads are suitable for a stock high clearance 2WD. Graded dirt roads accessible with passenger cars lead to most developed campgrounds & some yellow post sites.

San Bernardino Back Roads: Forest Service Road # - click on road number for detailed description

Big Bear Back Roads Idyllwild Dirt Roads
  • 1N01 - Pipes Canyon
  • 1N02 - Heartbar Camp
  • 1N05 - San Gorgonio
  • 1N54 - Clarks Summit/Grade
  • 2E03 - Santa Ana River Trail
  • 2N10 - Grand View Point
  • 2N93 - Wildhorse Meadows
  • 3N03 - Lone Valley
  • 3N09 - Van Dusen Canyon
  • 3N10 - John Bull Trail 4x4
  • 3N14 - Fawnskin Camping
  • 3N34 - Deep Creek 4x4
  • 3N34 - Dishpan Springs
  • 3N69 - Gold Mountain 4x4
  • 3N93 - Holcolmb Creek 4x4
  • 3N97 - Ironwood Meadow
  • 4S01 - Boulder Basin
  • 4S06 - Indian Creek
  • 4S10 - Cave Springs OHV
  • 4S19 - Angelus Hill
  • 5S15 - Rouse Ridge
  • 6S05 - Fobes Canyon
  • 6S13 - Thomas Mountain
  • 7S02 - Toro Peak

CA atlas Be responsible & don't close our back roads! Do not cut new trails, litter trash, cans, cigarettes OR ...drink & drive. Trails get closed annually due to misuse & this kinda neglecting behavior is giving SUV / 4x4 's a bad name. Please help the cause, not hinder it. See backroads for more info on this land use topic.

Check out the 1920's route to Big Bear via Clark's Grade.

Maps of San Bernardino Forests: OHV Big Bear, Idyllwild

  • San Bernardino National Forest Map (USDA NFS)
  • San Jacinto Wilderness Trail Map (Tom Harrison)
  • San Gorgonio Wilderness Trail Map (Tom Harrison)
  • Big Bear Trail Map
  • Pacific Crest Trail Maps (USDA NFS)

    Fire Lookouts, Cabins & Equestrian Camp Reservations

    • Coon Creek Cabin - Stone cabin & group camp site on Heartbar Rd #1N02
    • Heartbar Equestrain Camp - on Heartbar Rd #1N02
    • Wild Horse Equestrain Camp - near San Gorgonio & Santa Ana River
    • Morton Peak Lookout

    Sequoia camping San Bernardino Campgrounds, Big Bear Camping, Idyllwild

    open camping Primitive Camps, Yellow Post Camp Sites (Dispersed Camping)

    Big Bear

    San Bernardino Forest Hiking

    maps California Hot Springs
  • Aspen Grove Hike in San Gorgonio
  • Forest Falls - Waterfall
  • Heaps Arboretum
  • Idyllwild Park, near Idyllwild CA
  • Mount San Jacinto State Park
  • Round Valley Loop atop San Jacinto (Palm Springs Tram)
  • San Jacinto Wilderness
  • San Gorgonio Wilderness

    Big Bear Area Lakes & SoCal Rivers

    Southern California Waterfalls

    Minimal rain fall (10" per year) makes water scarse in the dry SoCal climate. This pine forest, sandwiched between 2 desert regions, has only a few waterfalls worthy of mention.
    • Forest Falls CA
    • Silverwood Falls in San Gorgonio Wilderness
    • Snow Creek Falls, Palm Springs CA
    • Strawberry Creek Falls, Idyllwild CA

    Southern California Hot Springs

    Very few hot springs in this forested region & you'll hafta to hike to get to them. Rightly so.

    Wheelin Big Bear - John Bull

    San Gorgonio Views

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