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Utah Camping Trips


Park Information
435/ 425-3791

campground  elev.

 veg toilet water fee  
Cathedral Valley disp - pit no none primitive / Open All Year
Cedar Mesa 5 - pit no none primitive / Open All Year
Fruita ??? 71 fruit tree flush yes yes Open All Year / fills up fast

Backcountry car camping is great option throughout the park. The are so many dirt roads to explore & some may require a high clearance SUV type vehicle. A free back country permit is required for over night stays outside of campgrounds.

The nearby small town of Torrey Utah is growing up. Here to cater to all your tourism needs... fast food, gasoline & hotels.

The Fish Lake National Forest in nearby Torrey has amazing scenery & back road camping too. No fees & just as beautiful too. That is the weird thing - the natural beauty doesn't stop at the National Park border.

Although heading due east from Capital Reef National Park you may start to question that as the landscape turns to land scrape ( flat lands, dull colors, gray soils, way less interesting than if you had exited north to Interstate 70)

Free camping on many dirt back roads surrounding the National Park

Capital Reef
National Park
Official Site

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