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Little Temecula is all grown up now. If you visited this place thirty years ago - you could understand the kinda change has taken place here. Talk about developers gone crazy. This now is a major bedroom community of the Inland Empire & San Diego, just north of the San Diego county line. The city has doubled in population in past 2 decades, and neighboring areas have also. Hit the historic old town. Travel the back roads west of the freeway if ya wanna see what 'use to be'... avocado ranches & really nice scenery.

temecula, California

elevation: 1006'
population: 114,327
zip code: 92590


avocado orchards, wineries & suburban homes

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Riverside County
N of Escondido
on Interstate 15 @ jct 215

This is what they call a "Boom-burb" in SoCal's wine country. It used to be a sleepy little rural area w/ avocado groves and farms - until land developers ran outta space in Riverside, CA. Moved it all right up to the San Diego county border. Golf courses, tract homes, shopping centers and all that crap. Wineries and historical tourism dominate the landscape w. indian casino. Paved steep hills of the western back country are fun, but frightening after dark.

nearby towns
nearby towns:
Palomar Mountain
Warner Springs
Lake Elsinore

Old Town Temecula

191012 066 Temecula - Old Town Main Street, Platanus occidentalis Western Sycamore

170410 520 Old Town Temecula - Temecula Olive Oil Company at Front and Main Streets

170410 515 Old Town Temecula - Temecula Civic Center on Main St, built in 2010 in the Spanish Revival style
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