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Tea for Christmas

"Home for Christmas" - not an ideal end to the year 2020. Break away for an outdoor adventure. Try a Christmas away from home. Shake off that cooped up year and get some exercise - out doors!

Relax and schedule a mini vacation for the holidays. Enjoy a winter wonderland with a cabin in the mountains or escape the snow all together for a desert retreat. Cozy mountain Cabins & Lodges are needing your business dollar. Most are open for the season! Call ahead to verify.

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Pre-chart winter driving routes with lodging, suggested stops, destinations and recreation. Venture off the beaten path, but know your limitations (physically, and auto-motively). With winter weather you must be prepared for almost anything: floods, rising rivers, creeks, big rain, wild winds, heavy snow, hail, icy roadways, and darkness. California does indeed have some serious weather.

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winter checklist:

- Check Road Conditions local county pages, regional sites.
- Check Weather Conditions local links, regional weather data.
- CalTrans Road Conditions verify online before you leave for up-to-date winter conditions and highway closures. You can also call 1-800-427-7623 for current highway conditions.
- Creating your travel route w/ Google Maps
- Print out all reservation confirmation pages for hotels and campgrounds.
- Carry tire chains when driving in winter conditions. Flashlights, blankets, food and water; additional emergency gear could save your life if stranded overnight, or perhaps longer.
- Change your windshield wiper blades before the trip. Check oil and fluid levels.
- Bring more than one hard-copy map (a real map)

Snow Sledding Cindy

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