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How many times do you get to a travel web site and the photos are so tiny and pathetic? Or text rules the screen - without any decent images in sight? Are you really supposed to book a flight to Tahoe based on a few tiny postage stamp size photos? Or drive 8 hours to some unknown hole-in-the-wall campground? Or book a historic hotel in a mining camp, or even find Hickville.

Here at Total Escape, we know the real value of amazing scenery and what true inspiration it triggers to day dreamers. We crave it, we live it, just like you do. Nature, water, trees, sky, rocks... all of it. That's why for the last 2 decades we have provided our visitors with some of the best LOCAL California photography on the web, for free. Small towns, hot springs, campsites, back roads, highways, mountain cabins & coastal lodges. Anything & everything we see we snap & show it to you. Plus we often expand to a large version, so you can make good educated decisions about where you are going - this weekend.

a beautiful image captured, a photograph, a picture... worth 1000 words, or 1000 worlds

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