State Vehiclular Recreation Areas

These are the areas specially designed for those who wanna get as crazy & dusty as their hearts desire. Motor bikes, dune buggies, ATV & the occassional SUV have most of the freedom they want on these state designated off road lands.

Off-roading should be all the craze now that so many sport utility vehicles (SUV) are being sold. But very few people actually use these vehicles for what they are capable of. Curiousity & a sense of adventure should make you atleast wanna try it...once.

NOPE! You cannot just drive off-road anywhere you see an open field or desert. Most of the state of California you must abide by some kind of basic rules. Duh!!! Stay on dirt roads or trails. Keep off meadows. Read all signs carefully. Stay off private property. Close the gate behide you.

  • SUV - sport utility vehicles
  • ATV - all terrain vehicle
  • QUADS - 4 wheel terrain vehicle
  • BUGGY - dune buggies and sand rails
  • OHV - Off Highways Vehicle Parks
  • Off Road Tours - let the experts show you how
  • BackRoads - ever growing list of California's best dirt road drives
California Dirt Bikes

DanaMite shows off 4x2

see also - California OHV areas (Off Highway Vehicle Recreation)


California Weekends
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