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Shaving outdoors? If you must. Electric razors are the way to go for convenience. Disposable razors can work but you best bring some shaving cream, cuz straight soap & water can be hard on your skin if you are not used to it.


body odor

Watch out, it can sneak up on you. And make your friends steer clear of you all afternoon. Don't forget to pack this essential item.

nails & skin

Don't neglect you finger nails. They get grimy & look like a grease monkey in no time. Bring the clippers & take care of them digits. Lotion & sunscreen isn't just for women silly. Ask a female to rub you down with SPF before noon-time.

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athletes foot

God only knows who has been in that PUBLIC campground shower. Better come prepared with your own cleaning supplies to scour the bathroom, or a pair of flip flops, or the new convenient 'Sport Wipes' for feet. So many showers, so little time. This damn shower takes quarters?

Camping chicks Camping girls

reason for living

Okay guys, you know you have it easy in the outdoors. You can pee standing up, you don't hafta shave for days, & you get to camp with all your new toys. For peets sake - you should make it a pleasure for your girl to camp, so she will enjoy the experience. Females have enough to worry about - from hygiene, potty breaks, monthly visits from aunt flo & preparing meals for you. The least you can do - is take care of the one important thing that makes you tick: Sex!

sexy surprise bag: This is your department now bud. You want your thrills in the Wilderness & you want to make it a wonderful experience for your mate, so they want to do it all the time, right? This is a little bag of goodies for great sex outdoors. The all important lube, a small towel, wet wipes, massage oil, toys, plastic wine glasses & wine, incense, candle, bottled water, soft music CDs, etc.

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