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    Dirt cheap vacations in California can be difficult to discover, especially when the luxury of travel seems further from reality with each passing year of economic recession. With traveling tourists and retirees focused on the wineries, upscale coastal villages and amusement parks, most want to keep you in the city, dining out and shopping, spending money - well away from the free vacation options.

    Plenty travel sites cover the typical choices - chain hotels, timeshares, tropical islands and cruise ships. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Total Escape offers only local destinations, small towns, outdoor recreation, yurts and cabin rentals, rustic lodges and unique attractions. Local museums, farm stands, organic orchards, caves and caverns, historic railroads, hot springs resorts, bike or kayak rentals, alpine lakes, waterfalls, rivers, creeks, all parks and forests.

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    California Maps: The Highcountry

    John Muir Maps Whitney Map Yosemite Map Kings Canyon Map Mammoth California Map Inyo Mountains Map
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    California Weekends
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